Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 12, 2014

There is little knowledge on the scientific studies into our physical leaving of our lives this side and what happens to us when we no longer live within our physical beings.

What happens to us when we are medically stated as no longer alive..

It is a point of which has brought about many what ifs and could that be and as a conclusive aim to bring about an answer to this there are cases that do seemingly bring together the scientific and spiritual.

As a concern it is something that has through fear or image been a field that has been marginal in both the studies into it and the opinions about what it could mean.

Of all arenas, it is the medical, that has the most significant overviews on multiple subjects who have not only had experiences of this ability to talk of what was in early days termed the NDE or called out of bodies experiences but various individuals have not only given information about the timing of what was felt but accounts will more than not be relevant to spirit based visions and visitation with loved ones before that same person returns.

A lack of knowledge into this arena is due to both the diverse variety of evidence and the subjective perspectives of the professionals who took on that classification of investigation.  Many felt divided by their individual experience of what they knew and what the beliefs of those around them might include.

As a lot of the professionals who were present when NDE or out of bodies experiences were brought up and were employed by large based corporations did not state what they experienced themselves due to what they were felt might not be understood or due in part to how they had been trained.

Never the less the reports from those individuals who had experience of NDE kept on coming and the few who had a passion for their theoretical beliefs in their position in a medical status and who still had an aim to look into this started the studies into it.

Many who have through those moments where they were pronounced as longer living in the standard measurement of what we have to measure life by, talk of similar, and in some accounts exactly overlap in the experiences they have.

Individuals who go through a stage of NDE mostly talk of feeling as if they leave the physical part of themselves and move outside of their bodies.  Most will say they can pick out even the smallest points such as the timing or number of people who were around them as they leave and will then be aware of an environment which feels content and from which they do not want to depart.  The subjects speak about a sense of being shown images of who they were, what they have done and then like a series of pictures this will move before them.  The loved ones they had appear and then in viewing all this a point will come from which they can either remain with those or are helped back to this side.

The information and knowledge we may find in these investigations is interesting.  It makes one look at life in a different way.  It brings scientific bases to what spirit have and do say in making us focus more on what we do not know and finding out who we are.

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