Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 18, 2018


Mediums can vary in how they interpret messages from spirits.  It is imperative that a medium can be recommended or is able to show accurately that they can provide proof of any spirit given information.  If, the medium is able to be verified and the recipient of a message is happy with the message as being from someone that they can identify with and recognise, then there is much to be understood about what a privilege it is for a medium to be able to pass that evidence of information on.

In a basic explanation as for how many spirits might contact a medium, there are the three main interpretation methods of sight, hearing and experience or sense.  The chosen means could well depend on how comfortable a medium feels in participating in each of the methods.  There are examples whereby some mediums will develop an expertise in all three of the categories of sight, sense and sound.

Motivation for a message can depend on a variety of reasons but what does seem to matter for any occasion, is that the impetus for that information to and from someone is love.  It is a huge feat for someone to show any kind of evidence of love from spirit and this should not ever be forgotten.

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