Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 10, 2018


People can think of spirits by different definitions and ideas.  Thoughts can be extremely differed about what the term can mean.

Spirits for me, are about those individuals who come to speak to loved ones, those times when love can be established where once it may have been.

Love can be shown in different ways and even in those examples where difficulties may have been felt, compassion can mean that individuals in spirit do watch out for and over those who are known to them.

Many people have reported having a unique evidence of spirit being there or showing their loving thoughts for them.  In each instance there can be an inspiration that has led to that evidence and been experienced in the noticing of it.

In a message from someone close to me who had passed to spirit, a medium told me that they was giving me a pink rose as a mark of their love.  It was oddly apt because at that time we had only been but a few days from my birthday.  Pink as a colour is said to represent unconditional love and the symbol of a rose I thought extremely pretty and lovely.

Our garden at home is actually covered with a lining of material and that is to stop any weeds from protruding through it and also to act as a layer on top of which stones and pebbles can be placed.  It was on the evening prior to my birthday that I did think about that message the medium had given me about that person in spirit and in particular I did ponder a while on the significance of the pink rose that was said to have been given me.

On the morning of my birthday I awoke to the sound of my mum calling my name and telling me that something had happened.  I did not know what it was but I was sure it had to be something quite exciting because of the tone in my mum’s voice.  Actually what was to await me was something that excitement could not even begin to describe.  It was as I approached the windows to the garden that I noticed something strange that had not been there the night before… because standing tall and proud was nothing other than a beautiful and bold pink rose.

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