Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 11, 2017

Love is often talked about on both sides, be it the reason for a spirit to get a message across to a loved one or for someone this side to converse with those they hold dear.  To think on the good memories of being someone provides that basis of love and it is something that is so keenly put forward as a cause for care, kindness and watching over people.


By Michelle Lloyd.

Love is like a network of the good and sometimes sad,

every memory I cherish and of your love I am so glad.

Plain sailing love is simply not meant to be,

but without each other and a sense of home we are truly lost at sea.

Sometimes loving is learning about who we are at heart,

it is in those lessons that love can grow and from it we do not want to part.

There are turning points and disputes can lead you to tell me no,

hidden meaning at life’s surprises then your expression tells me oh,

when life is busy and I race on you gently tell me slow,

tired I may falter but you enthuse me on to go,

show me love you do in many ways and this I say to you,

love of loves, precious it binds us, this is oh so true.

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