Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 2, 2013

Spirit have a significant amount of input in our day to day time on Earth.  Their love does not leave with their body but their emotion and feeling to others remains strong.

We often have a sense that if a loved one is not there as we expect them to be it does not count but this is not so.  Think of one who passes as one who has gone to another room.

The memory link to them is not lost and neither will their support for us.

Being sad or losing heart at any given second is something that will happen but how we choose to make it last as an impression and what effect it has on the world is crucial.

Spirit like those we see are entities who respond to happiness, sadness, grief and fear.  Their distance from us is not as much as one would assume and the amount of aid they can give is more than we could normally dream.

If we let something keep us from being clear and level in our attitude it not only makes us feel ill but it also reflects negative light on others.  Not only is it vital for the connection of spirit to be someone who looks happily on life as it builds on the tie they have with us but it shows physically if we are content which goes on to provide a level basis for spirit who want to channel their energy through ours.   Their is no point in starting a car with no fuel to drive and in us we have to realise our state of being is what determines who we are.

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