Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: August 23, 2017

Do you?

It is in being a medium that many people’s notions of what a spirit can mean is seen.  There are people who do not know what to expect, individuals who firmly think negatively about the idea of it and there are some who may have a somewhat altered concept of what receiving a message from a loved one in spirit can mean.

Do you?  Is a question that can often come up and individuals may fret about do you have to talk a certain way or do you need to have a particular approach when actually all one needs to do is relax and talk with a loved one who has passed as easily as one has always done.  There are no tricks or odd surprises and if done correctly the only unexpected moments may come in how someone who has passed can reunite with someone this side of life.

People who have passed have many means of approaching loved ones and individuals to whom they would like to give a message.  There are memories of events, references and loved occasions that can become poignant reminders.  All too soon in a message people may forget the question of Do you and simply feel relaxed at talking with someone who they have known in life once again.

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