Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 26, 2017


Time can be used as a reference in readings or messages.  As a reminder time can be useful to define events that may have been shared or to talk about when something was thought of as significant.  As a concept time does not appear to have the same meaning for spirits as individuals who receive messages from them.

In spirit time can be a less emphasised on subject and it is thought about as a distant relevance.  It is therefore in a message important to know that while spirits may talk of time, it is not in a similar reference to it as a concept of thought.

The need or urgency to have something achieved at a certain time is not there in spirit and the ability to talk of time is more as a reference to what was noted at a particular point than to be exact to seconds or minutes in a time of occurrence.

Time for spirits has a significance but in a message it will be more meaningful in reference of what has happened rather than the minutes, seconds or dates of events.

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