Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 31, 2017

Inadequate me?

Most, if not everyone, will have experienced those thoughts of inadequacy and disillusionment.  It can be tough not to feel as if one has all the answers or at the very least not to think that they are at one time or another the odd one out.

Each person has their own problems, own lessons to learn in life and their individual means of being able to overcome what may seem too difficult to resolve.  Spirits often do refer to their own experiences of what they went through in a life and how they think of what has been.  It is not only their feelings that can be so important for a loved one to hear but their own take on what another person may be going through.

Inadequacy is not felt by one particular type of person and there is no one fix to fit all.  There is often an answer to a problem though and even if one person can not think of it another may be able to provide a solution.  It does not matter if one thinks of a cause of the feeling of being inadequate is small or large, each is significant to that person and their life.  Often it is when a problem is shown to someone else that it may not be as isolated an issue as first thought and with a bit of insight from the outside the answer could mean that someone loses that fear altogether.

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