Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 5, 2014

People do not always know what sensing spirit means or how a medium views what is shown to them by spirit.  It is something which can be shared but isn’t always the same.

Living through a moment over and gaining an experience through someone else’s knowledge of it, can be one way in which spirits try to offer a little sense of what they have been through, this may cause a whole vast set of senses for a medium.

In sighting spirit, either by sense or feel, hearing or images a medium is able to often know who someone was in life and what their appearance was or who they were as a person.

No two mediums are normally the same because each may use their experiences to shape them differently, there are those who use what they learn from spirits to help the forces to find people or point to locations which may be helpful, and there are those who talk on a one to one basis with people and their loved ones who have passed.  Mediums will also have a linking to either those energies who feel at their most ease with and this can mean there are those individuals who mostly link to younger or older energies who have passed.

Mediums who are able to talk to those younger energies do so because those younger people who have passed over feel that they are more able to link to them and these will then be the message holders for the parents of those who have come through.  The mediums who sometimes use their experiences will then sit and pass these sentiments from those spirits to their families or utilise what they have been shown in image forms.

Spirits are around everyone.  Mediums just are fortunate enough to be in a position to sense more and then can relate information from them to their loved ones.

Sensing those spirits who want through their presences to be a part of their loved one’s life is an experience that is like nothing else because it does more than unite people together, it also proves that love can be given in many forms and even in the smallest of memories or links shared one can become aware that that support and tie to someone is never lost.

Mediums can sense more but this is something which many will have been aware of from an early age and with the years that pass become more linked with what and how things may become apparent.  Spirits are only those loved ones who visit with us and show that they are well and loving and watching over you.

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