Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 12, 2017


Often people will question what they have seen, felt and noticed.  Experiences can be queried by anyone and they should be questioned when investigating spiritual evidence because it is only if validated that it can be classed as spirit proof.

It is useful to have a questioning ability and if used positively then this will enhance knowledge.  Questions can be the foundation of investigations into séance meetings because it can be by gaining responses to what may have happened, to who and how it could have been noticed that evidence can be refuted or validated.

Sceptic as a term can encompass many a meaning.  If one uses the term as having a questioning mind then it can be positive in ensuring that there is a well informed grasp of any particular experience.

Being a healthy sceptic is a trait that could be useful as it means that one does not have to be close minded to a possibility but equally does not have to accept anything that they have not thoroughly questioned or of which they are not sure.

Each person will have their own idea of how they feel and this will probably be because of the life experiences that they have themselves had.  One should not feel that they have to fit into anyone’s idea of what is right and should be encouraged to know how they would like to think about a subject.  Many spirits have said that they have been able to learn, think and question those issues that they feel are individually important.  What does seem to be useful is that ability to be a healthy sceptic as one will then question what they notice and can be sure of themselves.

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