Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 23, 2016

Spirit side.

Spirit side can be an interesting concept.  Far from things ceasing, many spirits talk about what they do after a passing and the objectives can be vast depending on what someone’s priority may be.

Many people are able to keep interested in occupations that they loved.  Interest could be found in other pursuits.  Information can be gained and this maybe in something like experiencing a different knowledge to being able to improve in an area that is important but maybe through difficulties in life not acknowledged as much as someone would have liked.  When information of this kind can be reassured of from spirit then it can bring much relief for people on both sides.

Spirit side can vary according to the person’s own experience of what they would like to do.  It varies from how a person feels that they should develop.  Often fulfilling spirit side as retold by many spirits can be about progression and learning.

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