Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 22, 2014

For the readers who usually look this part of the site up, they will be used to how spirit of those we love will easily slip into our lives in a sense which provides comfort, a view on how they are and what they think of certain aspects of what we do.

Spirit far from leaving us do become more aware of our lives as their means of involvement becomes more when they pass.

Energy of individuals who we felt close with only become more linked to us when they are spirit side and as entities often will bring through aid when we need it or speak at a moment where only their particular sense of involvement will make a difference.

This aid which only those known to us can give will be the example that we can rely on and will sometimes offer a moment in which we take comfort as it shows that spirit will still be that same person to whom we always turned.

Many times have allowed for this to be a reality and none more so than when a son in law stepped in from spirit to talk to his mother in law about his two daughters and give a life line through what he said, the experience he shared privately and personally but which was also being lived through at that second by his little girl.  The message was poignant not only in what was stated but because it went on to be the thing which saved his daughter’s life.  In establishing who he was through facts of his own passing, by giving his own take on what had come to be and then by speaking in regard to the person who he had left behind but who he wanted to bring attention to the end consequence was far different.

In being able to pass on a memory spirit have many means by which they can be there for you.  In learning about what happens when we pass so much can be attained in realising that who we are is never lost and by directly being in a position to refer spirit and their relatives to one another once more parents can give their opinion in what their families are doing and husbands can laugh over times which they have gone through with their wives just as grandparents will be in a place that makes their love apparent in all sorts of ways for their loved one and most importantly one is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be at peace with all kind of situations and watch as tears of sadness turn to happiness.

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