Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 2, 2016

A medium should always be able to validate what they evidence to someone.  There are many methods by which a medium may demonstrate their ability and these can include sentience, visual and audio based capabilities.

Experience, vision and hearing can all greatly vary how a message is put across from a spirit and a medium has to interpret what they are given for someone.  A common issue that may not be known about by many is that mediums may give information about people in life as well as in spirit.  In a reading mediums could empathically acknowledge the feelings, mood and well being of someone who is known of and is in life.  There maybe a reason for this because of the purpose of a message.

Spirits will often endeavour to look out for and provide loving sentiment in a message.  It may not be conventional but if validated then thought should be given as to why a message has been put over and what it stands to mean for those loved ones.

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