Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 14, 2016

Where, When and Why.

Messages from spirits can be links to events from the past, to references about current happenings and to up to date information about why something is occurring in someone’s life.¬† In these links people can often find answers to the questions they have about if someone realised¬†that they were with them at an important time, when someone who has passed was with them and why it is they are giving the message that they are to them at that time.

Apart from important reminders about who someone was in life and how they are able to be there for their loved ones in spirit, the messages can be useful validations of how someone’s affection is not lost, even in a passing.

Where, when and why are often spoken about in a message and spirits can use these times to talk about how their significant events in life have not been lost to them or to their loved ones.

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