Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 7, 2016


Messages are often given from spirits to people this side of life and there are links of reciprocation or acknowledgement of sentiments sent from individuals in life to those spirits who are aware of them.  In these references, images and links there is more than a validation, often there can be a meaning that is significantly known of by the two people who are giving and receiving a message.

Spirits are often loving reminders of past times, of what people mean to each other and of what life can be about.  It is in those same people that when a message is given we can find reassurance, answers and indicators about the importance of what we do and have done in our lives.

Spirits are the people we have known in life, they are the ones who watch over us and they do remind us of this often in messages to those they would like to talk to and they may refer to why they have the links they have at that time.  In these meaningful messages there maybe a link that has no logical sense for the medium passing it on but to the two spirit and individual who is in receipt of the message there is a meaning that can surpass anything that anyone else can know, and that is an understanding about how affection can never truly be lost.

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