Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 1, 2016


A passing often means trauma for those this side of life.  It can be the grief that overtakes all memories of that person who has passed.  Difficult emotions can be the deciders in how someone looks at what has happened.  Often for a while the same sense of confusion can be felt by someone who has passed and individuals have to accept a new existence on both sides of life.

Reciprocation of love is often given and received by spirits and people who are important to them.  This love may not always be acknowledged in a visual sense but it is there and is significant all the same.  Physical reminders of a person who is thought to be lost can be painful indicators of what someone feels they do not have anymore, but in actual fact so often in a message spirits will refer to a time or event when they were standing with someone as they were reminded about them.  In these validations important information means that someone’s thoughts sent out for someone are never meaningless.  Individuals are often aware when love is given to them through a thought or memory about them and more regularly than not they will get their own response back to the recipient.

It does seem important for many spirits to make loved ones aware that they can be there for them, just as they know that their thoughts can be with them.  It isn’t always the physicality of someone that has to be acknowledged for someone to know that they were there with them at a particular minute in time.  Sometimes it can be that sense of someone, the spirit of them that can be felt and that can be the link for a reciprocation of vital love filled thoughts on both sides.

Thoughts about someone who has passed can be important for both people this side and for those who have passed.  A loving link to someone is never without meaning and in fact can be a needed outward expression for both sides.

When you think of a loved one,

send your love sincere and true.

For it is when you think of them,

that they may also be thinking of you.

All it can take is a heartfelt love,

that of those this side and those cherished from above.

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