Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 27, 2016

Life after Death.

Be it in a reading or an investigation, spirit links, message and evidence are all examples of how one may indicate a survival of the spirit.

Mediums aim to link messages from spirits to their recipients because of their faith in the survival of a spirit after a passing.  Historically there have been many attempts to prove the idea of survival of spirit, perhaps partly because as a concept it has a lot of public interest and partly due to events that took over many people’s lives.  World Wars shaped and influenced the physical and theoretical element for many lives.  Not only did the implication of battle mean that many lives were taken suddenly and horribly but the idea of what happened started to influence thoughts about what did occur for those who passed from this side of life.

Life after a passing is an idea that at first does seem an odd paradox.  Life is something that has many different parts to it, after a passing it is the essence, the spirit of someone that survives.  Life traits for someone in life can be about a lot of important little known and publicly noted facts that people may be aware of about someone.  It is in the less known, the private things that someone may have only shared with one person, that often the validated links can be seen in evidence.  Historically there have been platform public almost pantomime like performances to prove survival of the spirit and often these were proven to be misleading.  A real evidence of survival of a spirit does not need a show, stage or specific requirements, other than that of the spirit and the person for whom the message is intended.

It seems as if from the many validated messages from spirit that have been noted, a survival of spirit is most notable as evidence when a spirit is able to talk to someone from the heart.  It need not be at length, there doesn’t have to be any cameras, lights or any physical wonders to see but with a few personal references directly from one person to another that link can establish itself.  A true survival of spirit is in that moment of reassurance that someone can have about someone who has passed on and it comes often from those quiet, little known of messages.  Evidence of survival of a spirit can be a most insight filled event itself and it is something that can provide the most important of feelings and that is hope.

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