Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 9, 2016


A medium as you may know is someone who is able to pass on information about someone in spirit and direct a message from them to a loved one.  The message may involve a medium passing on information from several spirits to multiple loved ones.

A medium should be as objective as possible, information can be given as directed from the spirit to the recipient of a message.  There is no real need for any questions to be asked from the medium about the message, the spirit should be able to link to their loved ones with the information that will validate who they are and what they would like to say.

Often people will not recall every part of the message and so it is important that notes should be made for later reference.  Notes will sometimes give one the opportunity to look back over what has been said and to understand why something was relevant to them.

Spirits sometimes do not convene to the request of a recipient of a message and can visit with a loved one on a need to give a message basis.  For this reason someone may like to say hi that one does not expect.  It could be someone they may have had a link to but did not know all that well in life.  If this is the case then the message itself from them should explain why they have made an appearance in the reading.

While the medium should not ask the recipient of a message any questions about what information is referred to, the recipient can ask spirit about something.  Often spirits will not predict the future as that is not the aim of many but there may well be a link to something that can aid someone.

What is important to one person may not always be so for someone else.  While one goes to a reading with expectation, it is important to know that it is information that spirit will give that a medium can pass on.  The information links to events, to people or to what has happened may not always be what the recipient thinks should be mentioned.  Spirits themselves often refer to the parts of their life that they would like to link to and often this is because they have a message that will need those links.

Loved ones should go into a reading with aims and questions.  If spirits can they will link in to what a recipient of a message would like and should know.

Think of a reading and a message from spirit through a medium like a telephone call with a loved one.  Sometimes the line will be good and there will be a lot of information and for a short time there is the opportunity to talk, to catch up and to find out how someone is.

Medium given messages should be all about spirit.  Information may link to events, people and to something which has happened for a loved one in life.  It is important that any message is full of information and that links to someone in spirit can be validated by the recipient.

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