Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 24, 2016


Mediums have a link to spirits who pass on information about themselves and the lives they had.  Spirits can overview their lives, learn and adapt when they naturally pass from life.  Lives do not stop, they differ as someone passes and important issues for one in this life are not always the same after they leave this side of life.  Often it is in reference from spirits that one is told that their emotions are heightened once they pass, many spirits say that they notice the positive and nature led aspects in our everyday lives that people do not have the time to appreciate.  Many individuals in spirit talk about a sense of thought about what is important for them and that when they pass naturally there is a renewed sense of freedom from the difficulties in life.

Messages indicate that spirits can be the same people you knew of in life and in the lives led in spirit there is more notice of those aspects that sometimes people do not have time to see.  Appreciation of moments, incidents and the people one has got to know in their lives often can and are mentioned by spirits.  It is when someone passes that sometimes they have more of an opportunity to think on their thoughts and ideas.  In spirit emotional links can be appreciated for what they were and are.

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