Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: February 3, 2016

Language of a medium.

A medium can pass on a message if spirit or spirits enable them to do so.  No medium can do what they do if spirits do not approach them with information about who they are and what they would like to say.

The language of a medium is dependant on a spirit’s thought and sometimes there will be a term, phrase or word used which will link to the spirit from life.  Where there is a different native language from spirit to medium there maybe a reliance on visual image links or a sense of what the spirit would like to refer to in a message.  In a one to one reading the medium can link with one or many spirits for a recipient of a message.  Often spirits of individuals will follow on from each other and sometimes there maybe one spirit who has a message for someone.  It is not possible to say how many spirits will have a message for someone in a reading.

Spirits use thought to put into the links to a medium, meaningful information can be in evidence when a message is passed from spirit to someone.

Language is sometimes a link in a physical séance as spirit use a linguistic approach to demonstrate a dialect specific to where they have come from or to a practical reference of a way of life.  In a physical séance sometimes a medium may speak in a language other than that of their own or with a knowledge of a language that they did not have.  These references are to physical evidence of a spirit phenomena.

Language should not be a difficulty in any message from a spirit to someone as the medium can interpret the visual or sense meaning of what is linked to for someone, there may be a word or reference from spirit that a medium may have difficulty in being able to understand or pass on because of the different dialect but often these instances can be responded to by the medium putting across exactly the information as they have been told or by attempting to ask for more information about if from the spirit who is putting across the message.

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