Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 27, 2016

Spirits and the medium.

In a reading spirits will attempt to get across a message to a loved one or to someone with whom they would like to speak.  The medium will often link with the spirit or spirits and refer to the images and information that they see.

Spirits will often give evidence links that will be important for the person who is having the reading.  Be it in any link, visual, memory or information reference it is vital that the person be able to validate what is said by the spirits in a reading.

People can ask what a medium does see in a reading and this can vary from medium to medium as certain mediums rely on visual messages, on audio, there are individuals who are able to give a message because they can have a sense of what has happened to someone in life and mediums who refer to all of these abilities.  The experiences of a spirit can be shown to a medium, heard by them or sensed by the individual.

Spirits and mediums have to link in a reading, there has to be that sense of willingness on both parts and this can sometimes mean that certain spirits do not take to the personality of a medium, they would not approach them in life or in spirit.  This is why not every medium is suited to every spirit or person for a reading.  Spirits and medium have to be prepared and happy to link for any reading, but often when they do interesting, emotional and important messages can be achieved.

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