Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 25, 2015

Spirits, Ghosts, Entities, Orbs and Residual Energy?

On this site expressions are used to depict the experience felt, seen and heard when spirit are claimed in a reading, demonstration or a physical séance.

Often you may see the term Spirits, Ghosts or Entities in reference to the individuals who have passed on and are believed to be the one or ones setting off activity or giving a message, these words are all used to link to paranormal energies, or more specifically put the people who have passed on from this side of life.

Spirits are different to ghosts in that spirits are often energies who have passed on and are noted because they would like to put forward a message for someone or to provide evidence of their being there through a séance.  Ghosts are used as a reference for people who have died but not passed on.  Ghosts are individuals who have not been able to move on from the life they had, they maybe have a link to someone, to something or somewhere.  Ghosts are the energies most associated with paranormal activity or a haunted location.

Entities are energies.  We all have an energy in life, this energy transfers with us when we pass over.  Spirits do not always show themselves with the appearance that they had in life.  Spirits maybe noted by a form of paranormal activity known as an Orb.  An Orb is often a word to refer to unexplained light activity.  Orbs can be most often noted as photographic evidence of spirit.  Cameras can show proof of this type of spirit sighting.  Sometimes Orbs can be seen by people in real time and this is often noted in the blog on a physical séance which features on this site.

It may be that paranormal activity is seen, sensed and heard in certain areas, on particular land allocations or in buildings.  The energy which is gathered in these places may cause objects to move on there own, sounds to go off, strange smells and even senses of what went on before to be noticed again.  All these types of activity may be put down to a haunted location but sometimes it is not that there are any ghosts in the area but the memories of what went on there reply over and over, this is known as the Residual Energy.  Residual Energy is often gathered in an area where something emotional, traumatic or significant has taken place.  Ghosts are not linked to these kind of activity at all, it is the energy that is noted and is a cause for this particular activity.

Be it Spirits, Ghosts, Entities, Orbs or Residual Energy now you will know what these references are.

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