Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 4, 2013

As we are approaching this festive time we loose track often of what is most important and the differences which can essentially split the heart and mind.

We live busy day to day with happiness, sadness, anger and stress all coming together and these experience one by one will have an effect on how we perceive the world.

We use this month to prepare, to write to those people we do not see every day and buy for loved ones to show a little of how we feel about them.

When you think, there is a lot of strain for us to be on top of and it sometimes is the reason that we lose sight of who we should be concentrating on and where we need to be.

It is at its heart a memory to our roots in the past and to commemorating a link to what we hold dear.  In showing our affection we also have a consideration for peace and comfort on a larger scale and to know that be it now or then people will always have a common fact to share and that is their human compassion.  Spirit will at this period come in to say a little of their own ways spirit side and to talk of their own means of being part of this spectacular season.  With observations from Victorian England and their cultural origins to that of today spirit will relay their message of what they once enjoyed and how their participation is stimulated from how we see and immerse ourselves in what we do.  It is an idea to take a little while to mend relations if needed and if possible with even those we dislike the most because if ever there is an opportunity to rebuild on relations then it is now.  Be a part of the festivity and try making it that much better for those around you.

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