Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 11, 2015

In Memory.

When loved ones, people we know, pass away it is difficult to know how to behave.  Grief and loss can overshadow any reason.  It is difficult for people around those who have lost someone or multiple loved ones to know what to do to aid them in that time.

Anger, fear, denial, regret and sadness are all emotions that can make any loss an individual experience to have to learn how to accept.  The loss of someone can never be forgotten.  Over time people can learn how to love the happy memories of someone again, take support from the times that were lived with loved ones and to know that the people we really love never go that far, physically we may not interact with them in the same way but in spirit their love is as strong as it was in life.  It is sometimes these memories, the one on one information about times lived with someone that can validate a spirit in a message to a loved one.

Spirits sense the loss of life but for them often it is a different set of emotions which signify what has happened.  In readings spirits will refer to the love they have for people, for significant times, events, places and memories.  These pieces of information can be shared with the appropriate individuals so as they may recognise the spirit or spirits.  Love is regularly an expression of emotion from spirit when they aim to speak to someone, friendship, peace and positivity are all shown in messages.  The intention of spirits in a reading is often to aid someone in recognition of who they are, to talk about things known to them so as they may be assured of their well being, they talk about happy memories or significant links from the past and allude to positive information about what concerns them.  There is never anger or fear, spirits often do not evidence regret for things not done in a message.  Sadness is something that we sense more this side and it is an emotion that spirits of loved ones, friends and people we knew in life do aim to lessen in a reading because spirits who attempt a message do so to try to show that they have as strong a sense of love for people as before, they are just as supportive of them and will aid them in life however they can.

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