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Author: | Posted on: November 4, 2015

Spirit Link.

What is a spirit link?

A spirit link is information which can be used as verification of survival of spirits.

Spirits will link to people through the information they give and this information will often be a link of life events or significant reminders between spirits and the recipients of a message.  A spirit link is sometimes used as an expression of who someone is, spirits may link with images of people who were important to them, incidents which people will know about or life events that link them.  A spirit link is often what a medium will rely on in passing information from spirit or spirits to the people they would like to speak to, the link can remind people of life experiences and moments which have been shared.

Memory reminders of who spirits are, a link will often not only be in the form of a spirit message.  Sometimes physical memories of people can be shown as evidence of spirit.  If you have ever walked into a familiar smell of a perfume someone used to use, if this same smell should not be there or is unexplained then this can be a physical spirit link to someone just to show that they are around them.

Memory reminders and spirit links can both be an important indication of spirit support.  Someone may have physically passed from this side of life but their love and support for friends and family does not stop.  Love does not end with a passing and sometimes that love or affection can prove to be a strong reason for a spirit link.

Different forms of spirit link can be expressed, be it a smell of a loved one who has passed, a physical reminder or the sentiment and information lovingly put into a message, all these forms of spirit link can have an important significance in life.

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