Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 7, 2015

Questions on those loved ones in spirit.

There are many ways in which a medium may bring through a message from a loved one in spirit.  Each way may depend on how preferable it is for either the medium or the spirit.  There are image reference links whereby a medium may rely on what she or he sees as indication of what the spirit would like to say in a message.  Audio reference and message by sense may all play a part in a link from spirits to medium and then from the medium to the recipient of a message.  Clairaudient, Clairsentient or Clairvoyant each medium will have their own ability or combined ability when bringing through a message from spirit.

Often people will have questions for people they have known in life.  As individuals may have messages for spirits, they too may have responding questions for their loved ones.  Questions put to spirits can be about the information in a reading or demonstration, sometimes people will have questions about events or incidents which may occur in the future as well as those which have occurred in the past and usually spirits will only reference answers according to the information which validates who they are and what they can say or refer to at that moment in time.  It can be difficult because spirit readings via a medium are often based on evidence of a survival of the spirit and not on prediction of events to be, loved ones in spirit do generally have this at heart when talking to their recipient of a message.  Questions can be asked from people to spirits and spirits to the people they would like to talk to and these Q and As will be directed from both sides.

Q and As are important in a message because it is an opportune moment for both sides to meet and catch up with each other’s news.  A validated message from a spirit or spirits can be an experience full of happiness and interest about what life is and what happens to a loved one after a passing.

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