Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 30, 2015

A little love link piece from spirits past, present and new.

This is a piece which has been inspired by the spirits who watch over their loved ones this side of life.

When you think about a loved one of something you can be sure

that love will bring them as close to you as if they were just outside your door.

It is in a loving thought, a whisper of the mind

that your love will link with the person and go on to do so much more.

If you believe in spirits, of which we all are, your love is linked to many who already love you from afar.

There are loving grandparents, mothers, fathers, friends and siblings too,

many more besides who have been watching over you.

It is with love and friendship that they our lives gently guide,

they are not always noticed but their love with us does reside.

It is in times of pain or hurt that spirits will intervene,

the tears we shed are mirrored by their sense of love and compassion,

though sometimes this is unseen.

Be it in times of happiness or those days we are so sad,

through it all their love remains, those spirits of friends, of loved ones,

the gentle, uncompromised spirits of the greatest loves in lives we have ever had.

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