Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 16, 2015

Are our experiences the same when we pass to spirit?

As people we experience life in different ways.  There are times of sadness, happiness, memories of the events which make us who we are and shape our views of life.  In spirit one of the most interesting means of establishing links is through the shared memories of loved ones and spirits.  People have opinions of the lives they have led and often spirits will put these across in a message to those they know in life.  It is through the memories of what has happened, who is important, through these identifiable links that spirits can then validate who they are and what is important to them.

Spirits have an overview of their lives.  Important memories will be important in spirit and while some spirits can access thoughts, feelings and reminders of events more easily, there are also some who have a different approach to putting across these same links.  Images, references or significant terms can all help as a reminder link of memories and shared experiences.  There are spirits who link only through images, through dates or through different references to loved ones.

Individual spirits can refer to how they view incidents and events.  Their experiences of life can often be talked about in their opinions on what they have done and how they feel in spirit after they have had time to think and analyse what their lives have been.

People who have passed recently will not always have strong recollections.  References will sometimes be disjointed, from long ago to recent times or not easily noted events.  All links are personal and it is sometimes crucial for people to think on a message before they realise its full sentiment.

Experiences are similar for people and spiritual loved ones.  Spirits will regularly try to put their emotions and remembered moments across to loved individuals through readings or in message links.

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