Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 27, 2013

When we talk of spirit or energies it is usually to highlight the reference of someone who has passed over.  People we love and who pass lose nothing of who they were and the lives they shared, physically they move but spiritually they are present around you.

Spirit express their energies in many ways, be it through the passions they see others partaking in or the love they have for individuals.

Sense and emotion from those we love who have passed can still be a part of our everyday experience if we allow ourselves to notice it.

Spirit often will remember a birthday, anniversary or event and particularly visit us during that second and it is then that the most astonishing incidents may unfold.

Many people will see and have spoken of a day when they remember their relation and following will be a sign or a photo of the person which will soon uncover itself.

Couples who have had to go to a place to gain that perspective on their once blossoming relationship will be lost in thought about the one they think they will never see again because a passing has taken its toll will then be confronted by a conventionally odd coincidence or happening that will take them right back to the love they once knew.

Spirit can be seen by us in many forms and this is a real miracle which many do report.  You do not have to have a sole belief or convicted faith in what happens to us when we leave this existence to know that there is much more than meets the eye and even in the smallest methods of energies we once knew interacting with their families and friends we see that those ties which were strongest to our heart are not severed when we leave this land but serve as a reminder to all that we were part of and held dear.

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