Author: | Posted on: September 18, 2013

When a person goes through the cycle of life and enters a more free fluid form of being as an entity it will be transference of one mode or state to another and thus spirit engage in a period of helping to orientate one to a new different stage.

A person who has just passed to the next level will be new and not adjusted to a lack of physical rooting.  The body is something we only posses for a short amount of time whilst we are on the earth and according to energies who have spoken in trance on entering our home away from what we know there is an essential necessity for those who are more experienced to take us under their wing, to explain and introduce a life in a contrast to what was known.

The spirit goes into a cycle termed as orientation.  This orienting of the energy and essence of an individual is what will help to make memories easier to pin point, to settle back into the home known from all those years ago.

It is a timely progressive condition which is dependant and particular to each person, if their passing was traumatic, their years spent on this side and how detached they have become from life.  This journey is something cherished by many who have to experience it with attention focused from multiple aspects.

Whilst the person adapts to spirit there will be a separation of a type from the life lived and it is sometimes this which will mean that a reading for someone who has just passed is not possible.  One must allow a while for the entity to familiarise spirit side, to find their broaching of an all shaping joyful but contrasting state.

Spirit opposes that of life.  Entities talk on how when they reconnect to elements this side everything seems strange, difficult and tricky to master.  Rather as a baby learns to tackle motor skills an individual who has seen and sensed the other world finds it hard to submerse back to this life.

Being able to live is a gift.  We have opportunities to be in school, to learn, find our heart’s aims and personify our outlook but being spirit and transferring to friends and family we once were fondly a part of has its perks, we come to this earth with initiatives, ready to make a mark of ourselves and when this is done we pass to embracing friends of old.

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