Chart of Life: part 23.

Author: | Posted on: July 26, 2012

It is often when we least expect it that life can make a sudden turn and shape our lives in the most unexpected of ways.

The operation had been a success.  It was with relief that the family had achieved their ultimate aspiration; and their little girl safe and happy was out of the surgical procedure.  Their baited breath had still been held as the doctors told of the scan which would reveal if the bone graft in her neck had taken.  This was the means to an end; because if it did not heal then another trip to the operating department of the clinic would be necessary.

It was something no one had the capacity to think of; the diagnosis through to the harsh real prospect of facing an operation had been more than enough for the little girl and her loved ones to bare; it was with a heart full of gratitude to the doctors and Consultants that the small family departed from the sliding doors of that building in London, out towards their car and their journey home.  It was with a heart full of emotion and the slight stirring towards the thought the life saving event which had just occurred had been due to something more than they knew.

The welcome home was emmence.  It was a little girl who was brought in to the family home with a neck brace, metal fitting and plaster of paris body suit, but it was a girl who returned whole and well and that was all that was needed.

The recuperation was foremost in the mother’s mind.  Her little girl had been kitted out on a bed in the middle of their lounge and was told by the staff at the children’s ward that she shouldn’t move too much so as not to dislodge the metal cadge which was protecting her skull.  It was the paramedics who would come every fourteen days to take the little girl to a doctor so that the screws could be tightened into the forehead and readjusted if it was required; the little girl was somehow considered a living miraculous case.

The dark moments in life, may not be so dark after all as it is these scrapes and bridges in the road we live on that make us stronger, define and open new horizens.

The help that we get, the passions we find…are often the ones which will make us grow.

Before they kept a count on too many days had passed it was already the morning that they were expected back at the Consultant’s office and the scan would be carried out.  It was an effort to donate all their strength, bravery and optimism.  The family walked out of the house with an aim to have the Halo removed and the verdict that the little girl’s neck had healed.  There was always the means to find a reserve of something if they had to but it was still anxious and tense as the little girl was wheeled in for her test.

The fluroscopic lense pierced in and displayed the images to the Consultant.  The neck bone was visible.  The Consultant looked.  The examination was thorough.  The mother took a breath.

It was with the news that none of them would have asked to be told.  The neck graft had healed but only on one side.

The Consultant stated that another procedure would be held to put in a piece of framework to help the neck stabilize.  The mother was distraught.  She put her fears out and explained that if there was any chance then could it be left to heal on its own.  The reply was a negative due to the fact that if a bone had not mended on its own by now then there was little likely hood that it would.

The little girl once again felt for her medal, the one she was given, and she felt instinctively that something would help.  The mother who was so appealing in her asking for a few more weeks was granted her wish and the doctors decided to give two more weeks and if it had not worked then they would go ahead with an operative step.

The weeks went by and the little girl on the morning of the exam stated to her mother that she felt every thing would be all right.  The Sai Baba who had helped them so far, and the spirits would help her.  It was with this in mind that the mother accompanied her daughter as the pictures were taken and as they were in progress the doctor’s face froze.  The exhibited look of startled awe said it all.  The bone had fused.

It is not always the end that defies the means; sometimes it is the means which justifies the end.  In the little girl’s life so much had been felt, so many events that many would thought not possible.  The recovery went well and even as the little girl was forced to stay in bed to ensure the results she did so whilst taking her GCSE courses and even used the events as inspirational enough to put down and write a trilogy of books.

The books she wrote were picked up by a publisher.  An experience which turned something which could so severely altered their lives into an incident which saved and caused them to think that there was more to life than they could envision.

The daughter was finally able to see that the incident which had taken form so many months back in that far off Country, it had saved her life but in a way that she could not have dreamed of… the miracle that so many had said had taken within her, it had but the right moment just had to appear to prove it.

The mother her eyes had been opened.  It was not the life challenges that her daughter and herself faced that held the most importance, it was the outcome and the will of spirit that made the impact.

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