Chart of Life: Part 20.

Author: | Posted on: July 5, 2012

A word given in comfort can afford a full and instant spark of response; a gentle act that can turn a person’s world around.

Sometimes a comment can be sparked off by an event or an instinct felt about a time prior to the knowledge about how it will pan out.  This was the exact turn of events at the stop the family had to make in India, just as they were about to start their journey home.

As the girl and her family were held up in the passenger lines it was those words though few from that gentleman in their tour; it were as if he had said it instinctively.  You may not know it yet but Sai Baba has given you what you have come for.  If only it were true, the girl found herself and her entire heart plea, if only that had been the reality.

Looking at her daughter and her family whilst the steps were taken on that long flight home had been a struggle because as much as those words had been left behind on the wind of their brief escape from things, they still bored so much weight.  The way that the man had looked and his smile as he said it with such feeling…

You may not know it but your plea has been answered.  The words had given heart.  Both girl and family kept this even though distant term with them as they stepped into the hospital.  Now in England the words were a memory albeit a link to the time they had shared so far away and here in the white halls of the waiting room they sat to be talked to by a Consultant.

As fate would proclaim the family had fallen into the catchment of an intrepid and leader of the neuro field.  A Consultant in the exact medical ailment of the little girl; a founder for the research into Metatropic Dysplasia had agreed to meet with them and look into the nature of the girl’s disability.

With a sense of shaking concern and earth trembling nerves, it was more than could be taken in by one heart… the whole group of Mother, Father, daughter and grandmother made their way to see the one man who could make the difference for one life forever.

When you look back on one life; there are seconds when you can say this was an exit point, a time when so easily you could have been taken away but there was one saving grace which saved you.

There was one moment to come and it was when the door opened to light up one Surgeon and his meeting with a little girl.  His examinations had been thorough and his notes on how to proceed lengthy.  There was much to be done. 

The little girl suffered with:

  • Scoliosis (a curvature of the spine/ which would have to be repaired with a operative correcture and metal rod)
  • Weak joints and muscles
  • Hip fixation (which might also need surgical aids)
  • Knee corrections to help loosen limbs

All in all the time needed in hospital would be long.  The expertise would also be called on as the little girl was easily too small in stature to go in and undertake any procedures suitable for most.  The head told the facts and they were positive and stated that being in the right institute with the man who could do something was and did tip the scale but why then did the sense of fear overwhelm?

It was too simplistic to just state that having found the right Doctor was everything.  It was not.  It helped, it assured and it was a gift to be with someone who understood the ins and outs of the diagnosis and even more to have a person who was to plan and undertake treatment.  This was of the uppermost importance but it was also with a dilemma of the soul that the gild did not shine as brightly but stood out to glisten with worrying thoughts.

Any procedure held risks.  Time that a small girl could face with any manner of things passing.  The intervention was not always the stopping point.

As anybody with physical bridges to come over knows it is sometimes the building of the barrier that brings about an array of new found difficulties.  It is and was at this fence that the girl and her family felt shaken.

In a stark bed with prospects that looked hard to cross.  The investigative searches into the biological make up of the little girl had started…with one machine telling of one result and an MRI which had just left the child feeling as if she had been launched out of an alien space tunnel.  The pictures had been given to be discussed and now as the parents looked to the expressions on the team who had just walked in their pulse shot up.

The glasses had come off which was not pleasant news.  It meant something was to come.  The team for and picked for the little girl walked in and the man they had come to know so well sat down and explained that they could not leave.  The MRI had shown a predicament so restrictive that a sneeze could kill.  The spinal cord had been compressed so tightly by the first surrounding bone around the neck that it was in danger of severing it.  The bone had grown spurting inwards instead of out as it should have, casing had not protected but in the C1 fragment had pressed vertebrae.  The neck had to be restricted to the movements it could practice and any turns or shakes of the head should be ceased.

The news had impacted on the family.  The feeling that a boulder had landed and shards had pierced their being.  It was like sitting on an unexploded bomb, with the counter ticking down and their being no way to detach it.  The Mother was left in a state of panic.  Having been taken aside everything was talked about…as much as could be.  The clean and stark image being one of black and white outlines of a near miss.

The staff could not say how the patient was still alive.  So easily the neck compression should have already ended with paralysis or death.  There was no way to state why the child was able to move at all.

The days they went past in a blurr.  People came in and out.  Preparations were made.  The mother sat by the bed.  It should end there.

There was an outlook of dismal shades and they did not give much in the way of a future.  The one attribute which had the secure affect of keeping their heads above free-fall into the water was the little person’s knowledge that things would be ok.  The facts did not dissillusion, halt or break her feeling that something had assisted them in their lives to this point and if it had kept them safe then it would not let them down now.

It was hard to be defeatist when the words which came from the young mouth just stipulated that it would work and certainly they would not be left reeling.  The family’s stability was at that present time wrapped up in totally in what she felt.

The checks were run.  The people crushed into the surrounding of the tiny four walls, so many eager to see a life example of the evidence that had been talked about in the scan facility.  The proof that a person had survived cervical pressure and not endured nerve damadge.  It was clearly intriguing as many had joined. 

Many watched as the planned operative procedure was outlaid and then as the Medallion fell out, one Junior member rushed forward and with a small smile gushed out That’s Sai Baba.

The man in charge, the one whose hands were going to save a life, looked as if to say who is that and with an instant the Junior told of who Sai Baba was and how he was a healer.  He achieves great things.  His momentary lapse in professionalism had him jumping back within the fold of the other juniors.  His actions of leaving his post and diving in to look at the necklace had evidently caused notice.  In acknowledgement, the Senior Consulting practioner asked the little one Have you been to see him?  The implication of the question hung in the air.  He looked also at the Mother and asked Have we been to see him?  With a the response of yes, the gentleman simply nodded and carried on.  A charge of electricity had entered the consultaion, an undercurrent which ebbed with questions.  The unspoken conversation was there as to how this had instigated one in training to leap out and talk about someone with earnest appraisal.

It was only later that the same practitioner had seen fit to walk back in and sit near to the bed.  To look with raw emotion in his eyes.  Hold talks into what the following days held surgical wise and enhance upon earlier statements.  It was at this juncture, as he summasied that his eye line fell once more upon the necklace with Sai Baba looking up and his thoughts turned to what had been a turning aspect earlier and with this in mind held it in his gaze.  Then with a barely seen break in his confident refection spoke to both with the sentiment that something had assisted in taking care and keeping a thing that science could not interpret from taking shape.     

Seldom but occasionally spirit can make an approach that can bring astonishment.

At times …You look and search desperately for the divine gift you have asked for without knowing or realising that you have it on Earth right by your side.

Read more next Thursday.

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