Chart of life: Part 2

Author: | Posted on: March 1, 2012

Having arrived in an unchartered location it would have been easy for this one girl to have felt isolated as a result of the shift in the food, langauge and cultures of this new land.  It was for this reason that it was requested by the girl that she stay in accomadation that would offer her independant living and the utensils to cater for herself.  Whilst she was placed with an English family she felt she had the stepping blocks into a new culture, where she felt safe, and yet was still given a level of independance where she could maintain some link with her tradition.

Although at first the plan had been to simply visit the United Kingdom in order to learn the language and commence a possible role in marketing and travel; despite this the revolution and war put pay to any ideas of the kind.  It then seemed to be impossible to continue with original plans, as on arriving in England, the best maid plans were waylaid and soon forgotten as it seemed to be the need to remain in England.   The tremulous start to war had begun and it was a heavy and distressing battle which would see the overthrow of a reigning order in the Middle East.  One could not envisage where to start in planning a new life and to be exact to comprehend where to start a future away from home and so extraordinarily far from where her roots had unfurled.

This young girl, at a very young age, did not know anything yet of how things can take on a shape of its own.  Without any significant plans for the future, an unknown amount of money to back her and no designated Visa to remain permanently in the Country she was left on the brink of a future which was about to tell its own tale.

What this girl did not know was that the boy of the English family to which she was placed had a part to play in the theatre of her life.  This boy who had grown up in a very English life, had no expectation of meeting and falling in love with someone who had been brought up many hundreds of thousands of miles away and with a custom so very removed to that of his own.  Yet it was on that fateful day, that one glance had shot a cupid bow and shattered any illusions that this pair were destined to be any distance apart.  It was one boy who had looked accross a room and swept his gaze over and till he was struck by the girl who carried his future in her heart. 

A long and blossiming relations began between the west and East, the boy and girl who yet did not know of how their lives were to be so entailed.  It was one trip, one car which carried the passengers on to a path that they were not aware of how drastically things could turn on its axis.  There are shared times, fractions of the past and split seconds which can alter lives.  Sometimes it is not the knowing of what can happen that will make the difference; sometimes it is the learning from the experience that will bring the most wonder.  When the memories of that incident, the reminders replay, it is the shock and the unrealistic swiftness which brings on the most questions.  The day of the car crash was the day it began…

One car which was intended to carry the few passengers, amongst whom were the boy and girl, the East and West.  Sat in the back the girl had not known that this journey on to the motorway was differed.  It was driving on to a particular busy section on to which a pile up was starting, one lone car had for unintended reasons had to make a sudden stop; yet it was the cars behind who were unaware and left to face the consequences.  The car behind and the ones in line juttered haphazerdly to a terrible and traumatic unbalanced line of dominos and just like the little black tabs they each in turn had to act and react.  Only the severity of the stop left the cars each jagged and uncontrolled.  It was impossible for the vehicle carrying the boy and girl to act quickly enough, and just so it left the unintended brake to send an impact through the car, causing the passengers to feel a jolt.  The jolt was enough to send the backseat passenger, the girl flying out the backseat and through the panel of glass, sailing through the air she was left to fly like a rag doll and be deposited on the tarmac.  Moments flew by like a show real, a maze of emotions and colours.  The police later confirmed that it was shock and bewilderment that left them rooted to the spot.  Left to watch as the backseat passenger was hurled like a ball out of the car and on to the pathway of a coming car.  It was shock and sadness.  It seems it was somehow evident that this incident was the one to differ the chart of life.  Yet, whilst the policemen were sad to see what they knew was going to be a tragedy there was some other plan left waiting in the wings.  It seems odd, it seems disproportionate to know how quickly events kicked into action.  The police and the passengers in the oncoming car were wide eyed and gawping as the car they knew was going to hit the girl laying in the road, kept going despite pushing the brakes until moments and litteral second before impact.  Both passengers, an elderly couple, jumped out of the car, raced around to the girl who despite a broken back and cuts and bruises was laying sitting up on the road.  The couple kissed her, still in wonder as to how the car which should not have been able, had stopped in time.  The girl who had been tossed from the car had been somehow turned and whilst in mid air transformed to a sitting position before the policeman’s view.  Whilst running from his position, the policeman could not explain what had taken place, instead he surveyed the girl who had only a broken back and could have been left with so much more in her wake.  The people who had witnessed the incident reported that it had been like slow motion where upon it was like an invsible hand intervened and caught the girl in the air.  She was then later depositited onto the motorway.  It was a gentle and cushioned stop.  It was a stop which the girl from who had been left catapulted out of the car a good few 8 – 10 meters from the crash; a stop hardly felt.  

The incident baffled the policemen, the couple in the car and all the witnesses of the scene were left to query as to how it could have been.  It was left unexplained.  It was an altering moment to help in the making of a future.  You may reach your exit point, but if life is still holding that untethered silver cord and is yet a  link in life then it will undoubtedly surprise you.

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