Chart of Life: Part 18.

Author: | Posted on: June 21, 2012

On occasion moments can sometimes be the most mystical and yet true facets of life.  It is when one of these times can hold us in its effect that we grow, open our eyes and look at just how this stepping stone is the one which held us up and out of the most trecherous times in our life. 

India, the one home of evocative extreme and mystical domain, the one environment which brought waves of joy and understanding.  The girl and her daughter were left to attend the sessions and inter-related healing times in relative comfort.  With their needs having been met, it was with a keen thirst to aquire more knowledge that the family would enter the Sai Baba centre each day.

It was in these moments the true meaning of having so many come under the same roof held such an intriguing result.  It was because of this collation that people from all walks of life and belief could look to seeing beyond the small predicaments and furthermore evoke compassion for the people who were in need of it.  The interpretation and vision in the one man was huge.  It existed between the people and in the centre.

Sai Baba was not worshiped by the girl and her daughter as a deity or in a particular realm of belief; not as some did.  It was difficult for the girl and her daughter to put reverence in any such way but be that as it was there existed some specific tie which meant that the girl and her surrounding companions put sincere sureness in him.  It was not because of any indocated belief or prejudged notion but far rather on the events and the shared close but personal occasions which had led them thus far.  There was an unspoken and most prevelant sense of there being something present in a way which brought out the goodness and caring nature of people.  In India, there were the people who had faith in there being something that was present and it was this generic concept which left it open.

Belief was only up and left for people to decide.  Belief was based on what occured.  The spiritual element was felt there, and through this there was a warmth of family knit association.  People would feel comforted by the knowledge that if you went out into the street there would always be the galloping sense of a heart; a heart to embrace at face value.  Charming and generous individuals would take residence behind their stalls and markets.  It was enriched and inviting because there were no shields of mistrust or indifference.  Walk outside into the alive village and there was emotion and expression everywhere. 

That sense of community was touching.  The girl felt wrapped up in a feeling of astonishing well-being and with her family in tow there was a mission in being there which felt met.  Yet, it was still with a view to finding out about healing that the girl would take her daughter into meet with Sai Baba.  The open air rooms felt like refreshing arenas filled with life.  It would be here, that unbeknowst to the girl, her daughter would encounter an event so monumentous that it would shape her little life…

The session that afternoon had been packed.  There was not much room to sit, and whilst most people had some particular view as to who Sai Baba was and reflected as a person, it was still with a mind full and prone to question that the girl sat.  The hushed whispers of a large room full to bursting point was felt and as the doors opened, people’s heads bowed down and the session commenced…

This was to be however, the moment, the second in the girl and her daughter’s life that would provide answers.  Well one aspect in particular.  This just was also a life altering event that was to astound many.

It was as she sat there that the girl thought about being in India.  The stages of being there, and all the thoughts she had given to healing.  Her daughter, sat neatly on her lap, was also watching as Sai Baba, this time did not go his usual route but instead started to walk, proceed towards their line.  It was as this was to be, the girl looked on and found her eyes meet that of Sai Baba.

His face was concerned, with eyes which resemebled a scan; or an x ray in focus, his eyeline took in the little girl.  It was almost like a taught wire crushing in, as the girl sat, her vision took in Sai Baba and every small thing he did because in those few minutes she knew that something breath stopping was to take place.

With a presence which could not be noted as anything other than gargantuant.  Such a strength of being, of resounding silence which broke out as his hand lifted and was placed on the small girl’s head.

A penny could have dropped, in that hall a tool belt could have crashed and dispersed over the floor and not a sound would have been taken in or a flicker of attention given.  It was whilst his hand was placed over her little girl that the silence seemed both ominous and crucial.  It was here the girl watched as the Sai Baba they had known, and yet still in that short time were finding out about, sat in the still expanse and as the blessing progressed felt weighted by the sheer curiosity and astoundment of the gathering.

The little girl, she watched his feet, her sight with her head bowed being close to his toes.  The mother, she watched as his hand never lifted from her daughter’s head for a full two and a half minutes.  A span which seemed a life time.

The heavy force of the hand, the girl stated that it impacted down her back.  It was such a touch which filled with meaning.  It was only after it was complete, that the little girl, released felt more like herself and still sat on the lap watched as Sai Baba stood back and as if looking at something in her internally was satisfied enough to move on.

The hours after this, it heralded so much dialogue.  Many wanted to talk of the healing.  It was said that this was what had been given.  The girl and her little family had not known this nor were they in receipt of any sudden physical difference.  The little girl was still the same and yet the way that the chatter surrounded them it was as though the girl had been under a makeover which had meant that she now was entirely differed.

The people, they said that what Sai Baba had been giving to the little girl was something significant.  Even though the girl and her family had not seen anything directly they were polite and said they hoped so.  It was funny to think, at that point, the words which were given so freely to attest to the significant thing which had taken place, had not become apparent.  In the weeks to come, and into the future that one afternoon in the presence of someone had saved a life.

There is more to life than meets the eye

I had heard this before but never understood what it meant

for sure, it was almost as if I heard but did not hear

Had seen but did not see

It was as if I had woken up after so many years

to see, to discover life complete

In a different light.

I looked, but the vision was much brighter

I listened but I was aware far more accurately

I felt different

Much more content

Much to my surprise

I realised I know the meaning of the saying

To open one’s eyes

There is more to life than meets the eye.

Much more.

Read more next Thursday.

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