Chart of life: Part 16.

Author: | Posted on: June 7, 2012

As man is supposed to be free; he should never be slave but full of richness in mind, body and spirit.  Knowledge should be open; with all of its truth, wisdom and of course inspiration.  Your heritage and your fate will only come into its own, when you combine with the splendour and beauty of spirit.

Intensions were evident in India and it was with this in mind that a surprise was waiting in the wings; because as much as the girl and her young family had gone to such lengths to be in this place, this land of a thousand colours and vision it had all been with one purpose and one goal in mind.  The aim for a healing; a cure.  Desperation had been a cause for the journey but it was far off from the surprise which was awaiting them.  A surprise which would go to show that despite the reason for their trip; their cause was not the element which would be the main factor for them being there. 

India, it was a scene in those streets which helped to bring on an encounter of which the girl and her family had never seen.  A time and sense of it almost was brought to a hesitation as the girl was drawn for the first time to the gates from which beyond was the Sai Baba centre.  Walking in, the girl and her family were witness to so much activity.  The people who had come, for the same reason as themselves, to ask for help, for aid… There were so many who needed healing.  A lot of cases, numerous ailments and disability.  Yet there was also vast groups of people, who were all cleaning, cooking and preparing.  People from all streets of life, from Doctors to teachers, factory staff to builders and everyone was working together.  It was not the lack of things which met you first; far more it was the union and joining of so many.

The Sai Baba station, for it was almost like a depature and arrival gate and much like the vision that the family had seen back at the airport and yet here, in this environment, it was the equality which hit you.  There was no ranking, no status and no pressure to conform.  You could join in and help with the setting up of the facilities.  It was without pre conceived note on how one had been used to living, there was no rules on how to act or be… and this it seemed had been a catalyst which caused a relaxed sense.  The needs, they were there.  Of illness and physical challenges; there were numbers of these, exhibited everywhere was the lines of people who had faced so much and even more perplexing was that despite and even because of this people had learned to accept that everyone had their own challenges and this was something to unite not cause prejudice.  It was not the jarring or barring of these things that would help to overcome, but far more the bringing together of mind and spirits.

Sai Baba lounge; the girl was witnessing so many new encounters.  Yet it was still in her mind that they needed to be first in the centre where healing was offered.  The first to ensure that her little girl could be cured.  It was along going to find the centre, that the realities of life started to venture and veer out in the most unexpected ways.

Life itself was a miracle in that particular part of India.  Just outside the gates was where the poorest people in a material sense would have the richest value and sense of existance.  It was as the girl was pushing her baby out toward the street that they fell into step and just behind a little Indian boy.  Dressed in nothing more than a white short trousers, he was carrying a heavy box above his head and when you would think that this would be the toughest of tasks and in a bumpy road with no help; the boy stopped and wiggled his little self to the distant chimes which were ringing out from a near building.  It was such a small action and yet it captivated.  It was a moment of joy and with a shy face he turned back to the girl and her baby, his laughter echoed down the street.  There were lots of times and seconds when one could stop and say oh my and sadly reflect at the poor surrounding but every time that one thought that this was the case, something would stop and show you that your pre conceived thoughts were far from home.  The children, only meerly outside the gates of the centre, had no material objects that had been bought but instead the sound of their laughter and smiling faces due to the games that they had invented around the market stalls and accross the vacinity could be heard and seen. 

There was an image of what life would be like; a kind of notion of that village in India, and for the girl it was far off what she had imagined.  As far from what she could have thought; it was like opening your self to something which needed consideration…

It was as they stood in the centre that tales would be told.  Many testimonies of individual need and that through adversity there was positivity.  Some, had come to stay in the area where Sai Baba was with limbs missing, with incurable ailments of which Doctors had not known of and also come to the detriment of their own health.  There were Consultants, Surgeons of whose wives had also come to stay alongside Sai Baba, some of these were far down the line in pregnancies.  Yet, comfort was felt in other aspects of being there, through seeing that so much was being achieved.  Sai Baba’s centre was filled to the brim with people that should have been confined to other fates and yet were able to participate in vital life; schools which had been built just outside were also thriving with generation upon generation that could seek the benefit of schooling that would otherwise not have been there.

There was a sense; a spiritual comfort in the air.  It was the bringing together.  The aim of providing equality.  Sai Baba was keen to show that people, whilst suffering was felt, could come together and provide inspiration.  India was alive in that little corner.

The personal sense of experience was immence.  The girl still dreamed of a cure for her little girl though.  Yet it was hard when next to and watching as there was so many who were in difficulties and asking for healing.  It was hard to think that you should be the one to receive; because there were so many who were in need.  The girl’s husband uttered the words “I will never complain again.”  It was true; the level of material difference to that which the family had become accustomed to in England; it was huge. 

 There were instances when you could have easily thought; that there was no moving beyond it.  Yet, even then and it was probably felt most here that the girl saw how much was going on beneath the surface of this tiny village; and the old saying was true that you could never judge something on its first appearance.

In such a tiny village, such practices and perfection was obtained.  When the little family would go out, every shop holder would not only know their name but also be able to deliver and carry out their every need.  When the family had to have their clothes freshened, the system was in place that they were washed, sorted, ironed and pressed with such intricate attention to every part of the parchments and then each bag was given to the correct recepient without confusion.  With so many bags from the village, it was hard to believe, how one set of people small in number could handle things with such precision.

The wildlife too, was prone to throwing out the unique moment which would rock you to the core.  When the family had taken some fruit to give to the local ape residents; it withstood any ideas about sharing and community; or how it could not exist in animals.  It was when the girl took a piece of fruit, to give it to one particular ape hand which was outsteched; and after it had been given that his other hand came forward quickly and took the other piece from behind the girl’s back; at first this was nothing more than an incident which brought laughter but this rapidly turned to astoundment as the same ape took the morsel over to one other who was pregnant and could not come over for food.

The extent to which, joy and sharing came together, it was a lesson which proved to be highlighted by so many incidents in India.  There was a reason why so many had come, and this could not be forgotten; Sai Baba had been the cause for so many to come to this village.  There was a kind of analogy that ran through the girl, as she walked through her first morning in that Sai Baba building and it was all to do with how when someone could be in the right place and when it was most needed.

It was maybe because the girl had needed this so much, needed an aspect to cling to and provide light.  Yet there was also more than just this need, a kind of reality which was waking up new perspective and horizens for the girl and her family.  There was certainly more to India than met the eye, there was more waiting for them then that they could ever dream of…

The girl held her daughter and together they looked on the Sai Baba who they had come to see.  The man who had so much yet to fulfill.  The man who had done so much.  It was true that the village had centred around him; and despite this there was a feeling that an encounter was looming.

The girl and her daughter; they were going to face what they had asked for… they were going to be given a mystery which they would be astounded at… it was a journey about receiving aid and yet it was also so much more.  Maybe this understanding is what led to the events to take place; and enhance a moment which ensured a life.  The little girl was in fact much more sick than anyone had known.  It was a miracle; an event waiting to take place.  Something that the girl had never dreamed about. 


When you journey through the dark; you can be sure that a light is there, a guide which will help to see you through.  Face things without prejudice, and the truth, of which there is no higher sense will help you be all you can.  Try to look at life through your soul eyes, and gain a full perspective.  This will help to show you life to the full.

Read more next Thursday.

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