Chart of life: Part 15.

Author: | Posted on: May 31, 2012

Miraclulous times can come in many ways, evidenced in multiple facets and through various forms.  In itself, the fact that Sai Baba was present and just in the next village, was an enormous help to the girl and her family.  Sai Baba who had been due to travel and partake in an instinctive visit to other towns in India, would have meant an inaccessibility for the girl and more endurance in more travels.  It would have caused the whole tour to travel yet further and accross more hard paths.  There were other children also present within the thirteen strong tour group.  It would have been a struggle to cope and to yet go through with more temporary plans to journey accross India in the vein hope that they would be in the same area as Sai Baba.  Three weeks with a base in accomodation with no established rooms.  Accomodation with no fixed running water; with no washrooms.  It was in itself a grim prospect and yet something they were set in alongside with other members of the group.  Ultimately, when they were told that Sai Baba therefore was only settling in the next adjoining village to where they were and that he would be there for the remainder of their journey; it was like a miracle come true.  Impossible plans had no longer any need to be put into practice.  The tired and restless team were informed and within the next few days were all taken to the town where a meet with the person who had only featured in the girl’s visions would become reality…

Gathered objects and the family present, a small trip was made and soon the little girl was able to look out on to her first true picture of India.  This land of a forest and wilderness set against a backdrop of sand and marble.  The juxtaposition was stark and the animals which darted in and out of the setting were in themselves breath taking.  The chatter and sound of market stalls being set up brought a hive of anticpation an aspect of a land yet to see… the little girl was pushed in her chair up to the massive arch of stone.  This entryway to the place where Sai Baba held a calm and happy room; an expanse of space where multiple crowds would congregate. 

The family were taken, alongside the tour group to first get settled with appropriate accomodation.  As yet, it was difficult for the little girl and her parents to appreciate the full aspect of where they were.  The climate, setting and environment were all so varied.  Yet there was a radiance which bathed every angle in something which felt drawn to contenment and paradise.  Everything was on the brink, it seemed, and yet the girl also knew that the harsh practicalities still needed to be met.  Standing in a long queue to talk with someone regarding accomodation, it brought home how very busy this place was; how many people had come.  The festivals had brought so many.  With the little girl left to drink her Mango juice; her mother battled for a place to stay. 

It was informed that this would be a hectic time.  Yet the girl still felt her heart pound at the thought that with so many needs, theirs would be another in the line and with a look to her frail mother and child it would be difficult for their family to live their short time here.  With a prayer to Sai Baba, the instinctive idea, she clung to this and the fact that in her short time here everything had turned out the way it should.  The face of the man at the desk did not bode well.  The words looked bleak; and summarised the fact that there was no suitable accomodation to be had, and that they were lucky to find any room at all.  It was a situation which was scary, it was daunting to be left to face the night knowing that either the family would be split; or left to share a place with no facilities.  The family joined with the tour group and were left to face extreme basic situations, with illness rife it was not a concept which brought joy.  The family were turned to the idea that this would be it, they would have to manage their fears and wait…

The leader of the little assembly tried to find some place, some suitable setting that would be avaialible to them in the village.  Yet it was with no luck.  There was little to be done, the trip looked doomed from the begining and then the girl walked up to the gates of the place they were soon due to visit and wished with her heart that Sai Baba could take them into consideration; separately the little girl and her father also walked past the enclosure where the same person was and with a darting glimpse of the person the little girl saw him smile.  It was a little later that a shocked and startled leader of the group turned up to let everyone know of some surprising news.  The gift of gifts, and the best piece of anouncement as a bungalow had suddenly become ready for the group and with only three bedrooms it was still a place where everybody could stay together and in relative comfort. 

The girl was delighted.  The little child was overjoyed.  It was something shared, a connection, which albeit mysterious had served to help.  The days turned to a much more relaxed pace and with knowing that a place to stay had been organised, the trip could turn to the appropriate reason for why they had come.  The little girl was passionate and full of awe at the way in which the buildings in the village where constructed, huge towering gates which outshadowed her left only the glimpse of what lay inside.  It was like a puzzle to be solved.  The plan was that soon the whole ensemble would be able to go in and take a first walk inside.  With, the individuals settled and getting used to their new surrounding.  The surprise was not set to finish there.  The girl’s talk with the person they had come to see, it did appear that it had done more than just at first thought.  Despite the new bungalow meeting many of their needs, it was still strenuous and a cramped situation whereby thirteen had to share only three bedrooms. 

The journey in and afrom the centre in the village was also something to be endured.  The position of the house meant that it required a good ten minute journey in a mode of transport which jiggled and threw the girl’s mother and daughter out and about half of the exposed land.  It was with this in mind, the girl decided, that maybe they could walk on their third day but it was soon that it became known an ten minute journey by Rickshaws was actually an hours walk.  So rapid the transport it had been difficult to judge.  The third day of walking had left the family in a worse state than if they had tossed themselves out on a limb and in about the Rickshaw; left to balance presciously on the edge of the wooden taxi.  The walking had been in dust and desert.  It was humid and with reptiles for close company it had been one tense life experience too many for the girl. 

It was then, that sometimes when you accept your condition and are set to make the best of what lay around, the surprises which are the most shocking can make their way into your life.  Just as the family were adjusting some more news came to them.  It was via a man who came with words to say that Sai Baba had sorted things out for them.  Slightly shocked and hesitant, the girl, watched as a somewhat harrassed man had told of a surprise that had been set for them.  A new property had been found; and this had come in the form of a fully equiped and furnished flat.  Not only this but it was right in front of the Sai Baba centre.  It was hard to believe.  Yet this had been all made easy and ready to move in to.

So it came that the girl found herself, and her family, standing at the gates of a centre which was to reveal much of what she desired and even more of a surprise than she thought could be.  Because it was behind these gates, that a piece in the chart of her life lay and was yet to be experienced. 

There are moments in life; seconds when everything looks bleak, it is here that you say who you are and when instance shine upon shocks that you never knew could be; and how pieces can fit together in a way you never expected:

“Life is a balance; a see saw of hidden joy and difficulty; when you stray too much in one area, it is not always easy to regain the chart which is written out and destined.  Yet there are synchronised times which bring you in, and help to convey how things are charted and planned…and while you are waiting sometimes, drawn in to the hectic pace of life, please do not lose sight of the hidden valuable treasures which can pop up when you least expect it.  Do not take life at face value, for the rich unexpected times can help to steer you on your way.”

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