Chart of life: Part 10.

Author: | Posted on: April 26, 2012

It is not always the path you choose; which is going to be the path which holds the key to your heart and mind. 

Sai Baba.  One holy man who had been the symbol for multi religions and the method from which much healing had touched souls.  The girl had just found out, through this outstanding experience, and just as a matter of frienship handed a book which could provide a solution to all the difficulties and strains she had been through.  The book was one the girl held in her hand and kept for the moment when she could propperly slip open the pages and look moreover into this matter which had so enthrawled the man who had told her of this earlier.   

The author, a gentleman who had himself decided to visit the places around the world which he thought the most spiritual.  With that intention in mind, himself and his wife, travelled to China, India and a numerous list of continents which with a heart for adventure and a mind to seek found his path entwining with that of one holy person in India.

Sai Baba.  Once again, this name formed, a frame work for so much of what was about to happen.  The girl learned that despite spiritual awareness and the number of sheer victims of illness and ailment, this person in India, had strived to attain a place which could promote an aspect and that was key because it ran through the hearts of so many; and that was a feature of the life of which she had experienced, a time whereby she could see that pain and futile emotion were not meerly just results of experience and there were spiritual moments which could provide fragments of something wider and more significant.  The birth of her little baby and the resulting medical condition were times which had drastically shaped her view of life.  Herself and a little girl which was panning out in front of her were both means for concern and her questions about how she could best face what lay ahead. 

Having a condition; it meant so much.  Difficult intervention and paths which you did not always feel comfortable to follow.

Finding out about Sai Baba; it could be said this was a pivotal time.  It was an experience which in itself delivered unabounded questions.  Through looking into this figure, it was learnt that he was a young man who had stood for so much, despite growing up in poor surroundings and inspiring many miraculous events; it were not intriguingly these which provided the most benefit, it was a look at how the flourishing activity stood for equality and helping to improve the spirit and lives.  A man who despite his circumstance and the tribulation of responsibility, helped to enhance, and improve surroundings.  It was not only the fact of this but the miraculous and healing element which drew the girl in; she unashamedly desired something to help cure her baby. 

It was with this in mind that she contacted the Indian Embassy.  It was with trepidation because of course she was troubled with so many questions.  Doubts about his actions and the situation which lay ahead.  Could the person be exactly as the articles which she had found out about him, be him close to that or something different.  It was difficult to know and more than this she was not even sure if the Embassy had heard of him.  What were the chances that the Embassy would know of this one holy man…

It was as she contacted the Embassy and was put through to a girl that she received her answer.  The person straight away told her that yes; knowing of the same holy person, there were contact numbers and centres she could give to her.  The girl was astonished.  All this had resulted from one conversation, one small mission to find out who this holy person could be, and then a call to an Embassy to find out he was known and there were places which held meetings in the city. 

It was incredible; just after finding a little information about him, the girl and her baby were packed and set off to find out more on a man who was about to alter their lives… even though they were unsure, they knew that this was a step which was meant; it was something which had come to be as a result of a query into something spirit laced and a thing which was going to share much more than they thought possible.

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind, because when you are faced with troubles you just have to hold on to your hat.  Yes, this person was thousands of miles away.  Yes, to find out more meant that the girl was thrown into something she felt odd to experience and albeit this would be something which would send herself and her family into a chart and phase of being.

It was however now the girl sat and contemplated.  Life had been far from what she had thought.  Ever since she had her baby she had thought that things were haphazard and to be honest, a mark away from what she had planned; it was not as if she had known how to cope with any of the stages of having a child with disability.  There was no set of rules.  It was hard not to feel the sense that she was alone.

Yet, when the miracle, in itself the book of one holy man… it fell out of one pair of hands and into another which sent it a little begining into an adventure which was just going to provide more surprises.  It was with this, the girl knew, that finding this person and the experience of being launched into unchartered adventure was itself a chart of her life.

“Quite often sadness is the hidden face of happiness.”

“The spiritual opening and walking a path with spirit does not happen over night; it is a process as you venture through the troughs and peaks of life; yet when you reach your destination the key which opens the door opens new horizons.  Perspective can cause new understanding.  Spirit flourish with heart and vision.”

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