Chart of life.

Author: | Posted on: February 23, 2012

What is to follow is an inspirational account, one of faith, mystery, tribulations and above all contains hope and is inspired.  The account which follows is based on truth.

Customs and faith in the Far East are strict and coincide with the structure and history of community.  Thereby the traditions in certain parts can be paramount and surround the nurtured sta te and well being of people, our account starts with one girl who had been dropped into an environment where standing by the rules were key, whereby a girl never leaves her family home until she is married.  It was one such girl who had often dreamed of a far off land, a place where she knew she was destined, a girl who knew that one day she would visit England.  It was an odd concept, a feeling which she could not shake of, but was a sense that she had a compulsion to know something of what lay ahead.  Often seeing herself in England in her dreams, she could even speak the language in her own mind with only a limited knowledge of the English dialect.  Those deep and vivid dreams which seemed meant to come to reality helped her to overcome any obstacle in order to come to England; it was on the cusp of a revolution that was destined to turn to war and every iron gate of boarder would be firmly shut, that this girl found her journey unravelling, it was only days before that the girl’s own arrangement had been put in place and her trip to England kicked into action literally days before a war that would have shut down any plans for travel.  Only in her twenties and with the backlash of fear, economical and emotional obstacles thwarting her way, this one girl somehow came through all problems with noticible ease and the inner sense that this was because it was meant to be.  Deciding to travel to England was the easy part and as it turned out no matter what decisions were made as to location and travel, this girl, ended up arriving in a foreign land, with no real knowledge of the language, no support from which she had grown to be accustomed, with no parents who had always been her guide, she stood and only in her twenties and with trepidation biting at her heels she surveyed this new very green and very daunting land.

Once again fate and the chart of life stepped forward.  Although destined to stay in a particular part of the country, the girl’s plans quickly became not so much of her own but more of the thing which was planned for her.  As such she was left to be led to a new part of the country, to which she had no prior knowledge, or had heard of.  It was in this small coastal region, the girl was left to find her feet, and to notice that the seeds of the future had already been charted and not completely by her, for there was a lot more occuring beneath the surface than she could have ever dreamed of.  It was where she learnt a most important lesson in life, for it was when things looked daunting, that you should look again for it is then that you will see the glow of the future. 

To follow with the next part please check back next Thursday.


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