Care and compassion.

Author: | Posted on: June 12, 2013

Often when words come out from our mouths we consider the implications after everything has been said and done.  Spirit talk to us in trance with a mindful idea about the power of speech, how each intricate meaning of what is said to one another can go on to influence and shape what happens to someone.

A kind word does have an effect not just on the recipient of the speech and meaning intended but also significantly impacts on the person who says those kind things.

Spirit have a genuine love for their fellow beings, it with the foresight that they have along with an interest in helping those on this side, that they often offer insight upon how sincerity and a little compassion can go a long way.

Before it is too late sometimes it is good to think about how we live and affect others around us.  Day to day interaction and intention can so often stray from what we really wish to give out and it is this that after time can mount and alter our outlooks on the attitude and consideration we portray.

Spirit talk in circle and at other opportunities with a thoughtful gaze focused on just what words can mean and how they can influence others.  Recently this was proved when an entity stepped into a reading for someone just to say thanks for one gentle action which had been done for them some 20 years before.  The distance of separate continents or the gap of time had not meant that the action had been forgotten.

It is said that one drop of sincere love which drips into a stream can ripple, form and merge into a long and flowing current of love, a momentum of affection and care which can flow and rush through the rapids of life.

Basic care and feeling for one another, a human desire to remember the good moments in life do show that you are not alone and a simple thought given from the heart by others is crucial and it is something which has gone on to be an intgegral social necessity for inhabitants of both sides of the veil.  Never ignore the power of what you can do, just with a sole action or symbol of love you can make a difference to someone.

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