Attracting success.

Author: | Posted on: March 27, 2013

In this article I write personally on the subject of positive mental exercises and the difference they can make when one feels they have something that they want or believe impossible but through small and practical mental means can be made achievable.

Mental steps in gaining goals or aims that you set are the real and easy methods by which one can feel and see success coming about.  In many aspects of faith and healing the mind is believed to be the primary root of strain, problems felt in the body or more mood based ailments.

It is important to practice relaxation techniques as they may be a focus which gives balance, positively aids in constructing calm and make an inspired enhancement in your life which brings in success in more areas than you realise.  Meditations are vital as they release tense points in the body but can without consciously being mindful of it also bring one closer to spirit.  Fairly easy to do meditation is unlike anything that needs practical work and just restores a person’s sense of calm.  When closing one’s eyes it is then when a point of light, a candle flickering or a colour may be brought to mind and a simple few moments thinking on this chosen subject will itself help to ease the mental process.  If the tone or shade is the main motivation then it will be a good idea to choose the shade which you feel you should concentrate on the most.  Red can denote energy and it can be a shade of strength, it positively affects health, love and passion.  If used and implemented it will be a good colour to augment will power.

Generally when colours are turned to it is because someone needs an assisting touch of courage, firmness of mind or help towards regaining health or improving luck.

These pigments can be chosen as a main consideraditon during a strain relieving process or as a object for example as a candle to light whilst thinking on a situation or asking spirit for aid.  

Orange can cleanse and assist in cleansing negative places or aiding situations by distributing power or luck.  Orange gives enthusiasm and will attract prosperity by helping stimulation and business deals.

Green as you can guess is a colour for nature.  It provides abundance in money and success with wealth or financial matters.  It will be an aid in finding or doing well in good jobs.

Yellow is a symbol for intellect or honour and inspiration in memory through logic and goes hand in hand with this tone.

Silver Grey is a very vivid shade and means victory meditation developing psychic ability and mental atonement all are affected by Silver or Grey.

White can be an extremely spiritual shade helping understanding or clairvoyance via truth seeking a unity or by way of protection.

Brown is potent for those who have difficulty in making decisions.

Blue is communication based and gives peace through calm or has been noted assists in loosing weight establishing loyalty and builds harmony or idealism.

Depending on which cause or problem you are facing it is then clear which shade you should pick. 

Meditation is one method from historical ages that denotes a calming and healing of the mind and if implemented in a positive practical exercise is useful to give a better perspective on situations and will enhance on most areas of life.

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