Akashic Records.

Author: | Posted on: April 17, 2013

The Akashic records are often spoken about when talking of spiritual faith, philosophy and concept.

The records themselves are phenomenal written charts which lay out and highlight each individual’s life.

In theosophy a spiritual concept devised by Madame Blavatsky and in anthroposophy the akashic records are derived from the word akasha which is the Sanskrit for sky, aether and space.  It is an idea that combines mystical knowledge with that of a place or hall which collates and houses the encoded blueprints of life in a non physical level of spirit existence.  It is claimed the Akashic records can be seen spirit side but are documents that have the role of visually encapsulating each person’s life on this level.  The scrolls can be stored, maintained and are viewed by spirit.

The legacy of the Akashic chart is one that means most believe them to contain each fragment of a person’s being but whilst information in this vein is all stored, there is also a numerous quantity in knowledge about the individual and reasons far more than the emotional or physical.

The akashic records akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, aether or space and when speaking about the akashic records they are described as containing all knowledge and historical documents of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very aether or fabric of all existence. The non physical plane described as a library or other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a universal type of supercomputer and the Mind of a superior energy. People who describe the records assert that they are constantly automatically updated and that they can be accessed through astral projection or under deep hypnosis or meditation.

Many religions, faith and individuals who devote themselves to this idea assert that there is a central hall on a level which can be explored, visually contain blueprints of lives and even cities once thought to have only mythical merit.

The concept of akashic records was popularized in the theosophical a 19th century occult victorian version of orientalism movement founded by Madame H. P. Blavatsky writer of several books The Secret Doctrine which when studied you’ll find the work is written in reverse, her first book was Isis Unveiled. According to the doctrine there is no end to all things merely a convergence or return to a light body of consciousness and spirit. Various views are held according to study because of the elements of a religion. The idea is derived from Hindu philosophy of Samkhya.

In the Mahabharata mention is given of Chitragupta.  It is taken to be hidden picture. A concealed sight.  In this notion there being the son of Brahma and a minister of Dharma and his duty is to examine a list of the good and evil actions of men the Agrasamdhani used after their death. Nothing is lost of either piety or sin that is committed by these natural creatures.  The full moon and the new moon were significant as they dictated the time of rest. When a mortal goes into the region or residing of the dead, the deity of the higher spirit bears witness to all his acts. He that is righteous acquires the fruits of his righteousness there.  The term akashic records is frequently used in New Age theory or discourse.  Edgar Cayce wrote a book The Law of One, Book 1 referred to as The Hall of Records and shows how the Records talk of the city of Atlantis.

Many countries have a specific take of Akashic records.

In India there was a Mahabhuta ideology.  In Tibet the Buddhist scrolls proved the validity of these records.

The ancient Tibetan scrolls and Buddhist writings were throughout periods looked to and gave further analysis on the subject. It is promulgated in the Samkhya philosophy that the Akashic records are automatically recorded in the elements of akasha one of the five types of elements visualized as existing in the elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta which is not a religious book but colorful historical stories across millions of years from a period of prehistory and pregenesis period of a long dead advance civilizations due to war.  The writings give full perspectives of the years.

Clairvoyants regularly have stated that through deep trance or meditation they have been able to access the Akashic Records.  It as a thought provoking spirit based idea is one which is undoubtedly inspirational.  It gives weight and account of not only a knowledge that spirit has about the world in which we cohabit but it also gives an image of the environment, a hall that has resounding literal charts about our past, present and future.

In life we are faced with decisions and major dilemas and it is not always easy to make the right move.  Spirit have alway stated that they have a part to play in our lives, to enhance the ease with which we go through our daily difficulties and to watch our well being.  The scrolls which are said objectively point and write on all stages of our lives are intriguing because they are evidence of the work spirit have to take on each day and aid in their inspirational knowledge, passion and informed advice of the inner integral things which make our lives what they are.

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