Level Two. Babies.

Level Two. Babies.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Lately RV loved life but he had learnt a lot about fully experiencing experiences too. At one time RV would not have thought himself as astute. He thought back to a time when there had been one or two issues that had worried him and he had not known what to do about them.

It had been one day, as he walked with his friends to their favourite playtime area, that they asked why his dad was not joining them and poor RV could hold it in no longer.

Out came all RV’s worries about how his parents had seemed to be giving him less and less of their time, then there was the Mum vs. Dad private talks that he was not included in and outrageous as it sounded he had been left on several nights with a babysitter while his parents had gone out without telling him where or why they were going.

New One had his working it out face on, the one he used when he was in Maths class at school and the teacher asked him to answer a potentially difficult question. Little Herbert took to the swivel chair in an attempt to think it out, while he did a bit of swivel action.

All sorts of guesses had come his way. Despite their best help, RV’s friends had not one definitive answer and the perplexed state about why his parents had been so preoccupied remained, well for a little while anyway.

It took RV’s mum who had come back home early from one of her suspicious going out trips, to clear it up. She came into RV’s room, sat with him and put her arm around him. She told him that she had something to tell him.

It was a lot to try to understand and when RV asked if she was sure it was only the one baby, she had laughed. Laughter was not what he had wanted and he said that he was not sure if as a family, they were ready for a baby. Dad was far too busy as it was and he felt that they would not have the time for it.

On listening to him, RV’s Mum said that he was important to both dad and herself, his say was something that they would listen to and consider. She explained all about what a new brother/sister could be like for him and yes there would be a lot to get used to but then he would have someone to teach lots of things to, as he would be an older sibling.

RV had to admit he had liked the sound of all that. R V gave it a lot of thought. He knew his parents were happy about it and so he thought maybe he should give the big brother role a go.

It had been the right decision. RV learnt a lot because of that experience and most he took to heart the idea that life was sometimes not as much about the shocks, but about how you lived your life in answer to them.