Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 8, 2016


A main aim for any Medium is to enable people to talk to each other.  This link between spirits and individuals this side of life is something that can provide assurance, validation, love and hope.

A medium should be able to give a validated link to someone of an individual who has passed.  This link may be through shared memories, references about someone and information can be given that may be important for the spirit, recipient of the links and possibly for both.

Validation is important.  A medium should link to evidence that can be indisputably validated about someone.  A recipient should be able to identify with the information, there may be facts that have to be noted down as not all links may be remembered at that time by someone for an individual but there should be enough proof so as someone is able to recognise who the giver of a message is and why they are being told the information.

Mediums can be the intermediary, messages should be given directly from a spirit or spirits to the recipient.  Often it is the shared experiences between spirit and recipients this side of life that indicates how love is not lost and that sentiment may move on with someone after a passing.

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