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Mediums Network is a site built with the main purpose of creating a space where spiritual proof can be seen, shared and discussed. Linking spiritual aspects with people, spirituality is vital in providing inspiration and positivity. You can browse the directory to find healers and mediums, you can read inspirational stories and perhaps share your own or look at the Children Stories for a little literary interest.

Children Stories at no.44

Here you can find the latest regularly updated short stories for children. Innovative and full of inspiration, all stories and artwork are original by Michelle Lloyd. Please sit back, relax and take a moment to peek at the tales of excitement, anticipation and wonder. Journeys written about unlike ever before, so do join in, take a minute or two and read on to see who and what awaits you…

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About me

My name is Michelle Lloyd and I am a writer. Having had poetry and stories published, I have also been interested in the world of spirit from a pretty small age. I have a BA (Hons) in English, American Lit and Creative Writing. I regularly participate in and investigate phenomena in a physical seance. I have my own column in the international newspaper Psychic World. I am keen to look at the experiences of spirit messages and the claimed evidence of spirit activity.

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