Animal power

All animals have unique energies.  From the tiniest creatures to the different forms which surround us, each and every animal has its own spiritual energy and is connected to the larger plane.

The joy and happiness which animals can bring into our lives is tremendous.  It has long been upheld by many spiritual and Native American clans that animals also have specific and potent fields and channels of power.

Many Native American tribes believe in the potential of animal symbols and use them frequently as totems or positive medicinal guides.  The culture of animal medicinal embraces the individual’s awareness when a certain animal crosses in our path.

Native north American philosophy clearly utilises animals as links for us with signs of the Zodiac, as dream symbols and defiant means for aligning ourselves with certain qualities.

You can easily track down what animal sign associates with your month of birth.  It is interesting to note that your animal symbol may not be exactly what you expect in terms of what and how it is shaped.  The importance of the animal chart and how it connects with the individual lays with the qualities and the essential aspects of how it follows its own journey. My animal representation is of a woodpecker and knowing how animals can introduce different energies and elements within circle, it is interesting to see how the symbol of woodpecker can fit and show an enhanced understanding.

I have included a quick list of the animals which are associated with each of the birth months:

Jan 20 – Feb 18:  Otter

Feb 19 – Mar 20:  Wolf

Mar 21 – Apr 19:  Falcon

Apr 20 – May 20:  Beaver

May 21 – Jun 20:  Deer

Jun 21 – Jul 21:  Woodpecker

Jul 22 – Aug 21:  Salmon

Aug 22 – Sep 21:  Bear

Sep 22 – Oct 22: Raven

Oct 23 – Nov 22: Snake

Nov 23 – Dec 21: Owl

Dec 22 – Jan 19:  Goose

To discover more about what your birth animal can mean for you please look up your power symbol alongside the related information for your chosen animal below:

Otter –  Quirky and individual; even though the otter’s methods might not be deemed the most conventional the otter’s strategy is usually pretty effective.  The otter is the one to look at situations in an alternative way but he/she is equipped with academic intent and imagination.  The otter can rarely be lewd and isolated but is honest, sympathetic and sensitive which all lead to him/her being a very good friend or person who enjoys the qualities in a crowd.

Wolf – The wolf is passionate and free loving.  The symbol of the wolf like the animal itself is definitely emotional and philosophical.  Creatures of dependence in pack orientation but also independent, beautifully strong animals in their own way; the wolf is loving yet craves freedom.  The wolf can be reluctant and impractical but in a nourished environment the wolf can be generous, loving and compassionate.

Falcon – A falcon is a natural born leader.  Native Americans believe a falcon to be quick to make a decision when it is needed, to be perfect in a tricky situation.  Perfect for team sports, the falcon does what needs to be done and is perfect for projects.  The falcon is generally right but thereby can, at times, be seen as a little conceited.  Usually the falcon is proficient in providing fire and passion but can be a touch over-sensitive.

Beaver – In matters of business and tasks the beaver will get the job done.  Efficient and proactive the beaver will try to overcome obstacles.  Aplomb and strategy are the beaver’s main qualities, however it could also be noted that they have a razor sharp wit.  The beaver’s feeling that they are right can lead to trouble and although generally helpful and loyal, should be aware of not being too possessive or holding oneself back.

Deer – Inspiring and lively, the deer is quick to take a situation on.  Humorous and a sparkling wit, the deer is the perfect guest.  Usually aware of their surroundings and appearance, the deer can be at times a little self-involved.  The deer is also a fruitful partner in matters of the heart.

Woodpecker – Extremely caring, the woodpecker, is the most nurturing of all the Native American animal symbols.  Compassionate and emphatic are the qualities which can be observed in this animal symbol.  A wonderful friend or partner, the Woodpecker is natural and kind.  Resourceful and organised, the woodpecker can be a very devoted creature but can also be jealous or at times quick to anger.

Salmon – Electric and focused.  Intuitive and creative, the salmon can be very infectious in their zest and zeal.  Energy sparkles in the salmon and he/she is a real motivator.  The salmon will happily get everybody on board no matter what the idea and has no shortage of people to support them.  The salmon expresses a need for goals and purpose, at times, can be slightly egotistical and intolerant of others, but is mainly the heart of any crowd.  The salmon is ready and able to please others and has ideas.

Bear – Stable and pragmatic.  The bear is the one to call when stability is needed.  The bear’s practicality and level-headedness make him/her the ideal business partner.  The voice of reason in most situations, the bear is a good counter balance for owls.  With a big heart and a penchant for generosity, the bear is slightly modest and shy.  Patience and temperance means that the bear, although can be sceptical and reclusive, is normally happy and ready to provide support and a capacity for help and assistance.

Raven – A natural entrepreneur and highly enthusiastic.  Naturally charming with ease and without effort, the Crow is the person who everybody will come to for ideas.  Idealistic, quite ingenious and diplomatic, the raven is soft-spoken, romantic and easy-going.  The raven can be inconsistent, vindictive and abrasive but is usually intuitive and patient.

Snake – A natural in all matters of spirit.  Shamans are usually born under this symbol.  The snake can be considered quite dark or secretive but this is just due to them having a preoccupation with matters which are perhaps intangible or mysterious to others.  Sometimes despondent, violent or prone to mood swings, the snake is however usually able to excel in medical situations and is caring, passionate, inspiring and sensitive.

Owl – The owl is changeable and mutable as a breeze.  Difficult to clarify but the owl is natural, warm and has an easy-going nature.  Loves adventure, the owl is never one to be left behind.  To his/her detriment the owl is careless and thoughtless sometimes, but can be a good teacher, artist and conservationist.  The versatility and adaptability of the owl are its’ main features which makes it excel.  The owl can be excessive and belligerent but is also enthusiastic, intuitive and supportive.

Goose – Ambitious to a fault, the goose will get things done.  The goose is determined to succeed at all costs and can at times find that this drives them into a difficult situation.  Driven is the watchword, given to the goose, under this Native American symbol, and this is what makes them excellent in business ventures and competitive sports.  Obsessive and addictive behaviour can be a problem, but the goose is overall gregarious, sensual and humorous.

I hope that you enjoy looking up your relevant animal power symbols.

Animals were not only used as a means to nourish and further one’s voyage but also as a way to empower, progress and positively embody qualities which could lead and vitalise a tribe.

Cherokee and Ottawa clans have strong connections with animal totems and symbols.

It is often easy to forget that animals have just as much spiritual validity as humans and can just as fondly be remembered and put in a spiritual claim.

In circle we are often visited by wolves, cats and even a mouse.