Chart of life Part 3.

Author: | Posted on: March 8, 2012

A wedding was imminent for the couple of East meets West. A ceremony which would bring them into a partnership; one which would highlight why the events which had led up to this point had taken place and why the saving graces had chosen to bestow such luck upon their chart of life.

A birth was to come. The girl, who had chosen to settle in this new land, with a husband and life to start, discovered that she would like to have a two become three. Having decided to have a child, the couple began to shape their new story. A baby would make a dent in their already just made lives and preparation was necessary…

Having become pregnant all things seemed to have come right. However, whilst the pregnancy was without trouble, the girl, had a dream in which vivid and evocative moments of a far off land which she had once called home called her back to witness a scene which could impact upon the rest of her life. The unborn child had yet to make its appearance and yet this premonition which had come in dream form foretold of something which was to take place and shatter their new beginning.

The dream took place in the East, the pregnancy had gone well, and the baby had been born a little healthy baby girl. The customary gown and covering had covered both mother and child; to which both had gone to visit a Pilgrimage. Both Mother and little girl were standing in front of thetempleofPilgrimage. The girl took the dream, to be a sign that something may go wrong with the actual birth. As the Pilgrimage was usually visited after a life differing event. So true, the dream had felt, that the girl started to make arrangements. The girl called her relations in the far East and asked for them to come to help with the baby if anything untoward did take place.

A sense that things would not occur as they should plagued the girl. The birth was all too soon and as the scenes, the seconds in time, would play out and demonstrate that life had yet another course to turn. Another Exit point had been listed, and yet the same hand, the one who had saved the girl the first time in that car crash was once again to make an appearance.

This time, it would be of gargantuan necessity.

The birth was by means of a Caesarean Section. It was a planned surgery, as the baby was defined, as large and in a total breach position. The surgical team were somewhat tired, exhausted as they had had thirteen operation s that day and the girl was to be the last in a long list at eight o’clock in the evening. As such, the operation did not go well, at some point during the procedure there had been major damage done to the vessels in the girl’s body. The silent and deadly threat had caused severe injury to the main artery and was something that the surgical team knew nothing about. The tear caused profuse bleeding as the girl was brought out of theatre. Having been taken back to the ward, with the cut to the artery unknown, the girl had been left in a bed. The only hint that something was wrong came when the girl, herself, felt trickling sensation s running down her legs. This was odd, she felt. Alerting the Mid Wife and a nurse at close proximity, the girl told of the sense that she was bleeding, despite this the staff could not see any blood when in fact the flow of the liquid had filled half the ward floor. The blood was in fact coming straight out. Whilst, the nurse and staff, checked the bottle at the side of the bed for drained blood they failed to see that the bleeding was occurring and had dropped straight out on to the floor. In itself, having noticed the bleeding, was astounding for the girl, who had just come out of major surgical procedure andĀ told that she should not feel anything. Having been told that she should not be conscious, the girl came out of surgery, expressing the fact that she was bleeding. In fact, the girl had lost nearly her body weight in blood. Upon telling the staff for the third time, she tried to explain something was wrong, she pulled back the blanket but was stopped by the nurse who then promptly saw all the blood and let out an ear piercing scream.

With blood surrounding half the ward floor, the doctors were alerted, the screams brought half the hospital to attention. Everyone on duty ran to the bed and the emergency life saving surgery to save the girl started.

The thudding of the doctors’ shoes on the floor and the many pairs of feet brought hysteria to the ward. The empathy from the other new Mothers’ was raising and for half the night they sat and shed tears. It was a terrible time. The emotion and sadness for the girl who was in a very weak state was heightened. It was thought to be too serious a state, as such, a native speaker was brought for the girl; as it was thought these were her last moments. Comfort was provided and then the moment of truth evoked something to behold.

The doctors prepared the girl for a last turn back to surgery and a final ditch attempt to save her life. Thoughts were not positive and the doctors’ faces had looked grim. Injections were given to both the girl’s arms, and she was prepared to be ripped away from the new baby girl who had emerged and from the life which had been waiting for her.

There are times when all medical hope is lost, when medical intervention is not thought to be enough and then there always is another help which can be offered when one least expects it.

Life was precious. None knew that more than the girl in those final few moments. It was with a baby, crying and raw left in her wake, and a bud of a new life that the girl was rushed into that final surgery.

It was with unveiled shock and a voice with emotion the doctor had been able to say to the girl the very next morning; that she should not have been there and that if he didn’t believe in anything before then he sure did now. Something went on in surgery and that something saved the girl’s life beyond that which the doctors said they could do. The case of her medical records had not left any hope or chance, and yet despite this the girl was able to sit and converse with the doctor. Whatever went on, the doctor said, it meant that this mother could be there for her baby. Despite her heart stopping in an operation and the bleeding having ceased without medical help, the girl was left to live.

It was exceptional, it was energy charged and once again it had not been the exit point for this girl who had been touched with something which was yet left to do.

When faced with life’s adversity;

with trials and tribulations left untold;

do not give up the search;

For the door which awaits;

it offers comfort, safety and so much more.

The darkest moment is always the one just before dawn and is filled with opportunity.

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