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Author: | Posted on: June 22, 2016


What happens after a passing?

There have been many NDE reports.  Near death experiences of those who refer to sights, sounds and senses after they have thought to be no longer alive.  These referrals are often specific and they have led people to question what happens to an individual after a passing…

Reports of people who have had an NDE generally refer to a positive sense of well being, many talk about being able to look over important times from their lives, there have been some references to loved ones who have passed being seen and to a decisive second in which the person can either remain in spirit or re-join with the life they had before.

Spirit messages, readings, evidence in séance based investigations and in historical reports of spirit manifestation have provided interesting information about the minutes after a passing.  Individuals have in spirit talked about what they felt, saw and experienced.  Experiences can vary according to the type of passing, be it sudden, gentle, traumatic as these may all influence what happens to someone.  Multiple people have spoken of the ability to oversee events in their lives, to acknowledge incidents, sometimes to moderate their sense of what they experienced in life.  Spirits have linked to new found experiences and often individuals who had an interest in something, those passions will be referred to as pursuits being carried forward in spirit.

Learning seems to be an important part of life and in passing the ability to grow is something that is often significant.  Many spirits have referred to life being likened to a classroom and spirit being the opportunity to graduate, it is not the end of the line but the beginning because it is at that time that one can opt for their designated path, the one that will suit them.

A passing is the transition of someone from life to spirit and many spirits’ reports talk about how important it is for an individual to accept what has happened in their life.  Individuals can progress at their own pace.  People’s passions are prominent in how they move on after a passing and it is often with a renewed opportunity for evaluation that spirits can look at what it is they have learnt from a life lived.

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