Level Two. Yes.

Level Two. Yes.

By Michelle Lloyd.

R V didn’t like to say no. Why? Well, he made it a rule to try to make the lives of all his friends, family and people he encountered, easier. This state of play, one would have thought would be quite positive but it did come with rather a few difficulties.

From an early age R V’s mum had always told him that helping others could be a very positive thing to do. Two of the most powerful tools that he had at his disposal, explained his mum, were his ability to help others and have a belief in himself, because he could achieve almost anything as long as he put his mind to it.

It had been quite true. At home and at school, with a bit of self belief, R V had been able to accomplish many things he had not thought possible. He was able to work out problems that many of his friends found difficult and consequently when they came to him for a bit of a nudge in the right direction, he would be there for every one of them.

R V had a Yes, I can attitude and he would get nervous about doing some things but if he tried hard they generally turned out well. It had to be said there was a funny feeling that often overcame R V, he loved to please people and so when anyone would ask him if he could go and do this, or go and do that… his answer would more often than not be a Yes, I can and not a no, I can’t.

News of R V’s tutoring ability quickly got round and at school he had many, many requests for his effort and time. Of course to all pleas, R V’s response was a Yes, I can…

At first R V coped. He did all he could for those around him, he managed to tackle his friends’ work and his own. After time, it started to get a bit more difficult, at school the work load increased and as it did so his reply of Yes, I can became more and more frequent.

R V’s two closest friends, Little Herbert and New One watched with dismay as he became less and less himself with them. They were slowly less of a three and more of a two. R V hardly had any time to play with them, at break times he was either explaining how to do things or showing students ways of solving problems. Little Herbert and New One wouldn’t have minded but they could see other students becoming happier and R V becoming more and more stressed.

At home R V’s mum noticed he did not look himself, he was studying such a lot in his own time because he had less opportunity at school but when she asked him if he was ok and if he was managing, he did not want to worry her and so his response was a Yes, he was ok and Yes he could do it all.

Poor R V had his routine all worked out, he was busy the whole day through. If he was not doing something for someone else then he was planning what he could or should do for them. When Little Herbert finally decided to approach him one lunch time, his question of if he could play with them was responded to with one of R V’s first ever Nos. The No came more out of desperation than desire. R V found himself with hardly any time to do what he loved and he watched sadly as across the playground Little Herbert and New One seemed huddled in deep conversation. He would have loved to be with them but instead he had several tutorial appointments he had to keep.

R V had so many commitments, he thought about saying no but every time someone would approach him with a request for him to show them how to do their assignments he felt himself give in and out he would be with the Yes, I can.

Little Herbert and New One would not give up on their friend and even though R V did not know it their conversations about what they could do for him had given them an idea. It was one afternoon that when one of the class came over to R V for something that their teacher intervened. The student was told that the teacher would show him how to do the problem and after class R V was asked to remain for a talk. After everyone had left and New One had given him a knowing, reassuring smile R V was left alone with his teacher.  He was told by his teacher that two of his friends had been concerned about him and the amount he was doing for others. The teacher had talked to his mum and no soon as this was said R V was relieved to see that she had arrived at school. With his mum on one side and his teacher in front they talked to R V about how he should never take on too much, they commended his Yes, I can attitude but they also explained that one had to look after themselves if they wanted to be able to look after those around them.