Level Two. Waste Not, Want Not.

Level Two. Waste Not, Want Not.

By Michelle Lloyd.

New One aimed to achieve everything he could out of his choices in life. What did this mean? Well, he was keen to be explicit in what he liked and did not like, he made it evident wherever he could that he set his own trend.

New One’s sense of what he felt appropriate and for when it should be used, had seen him help to makeover his bedroom and he had even taken it upon himself to give his friends his design tips and advice for their rooms too. New One took every bit of the process seriously and to the point that he even accompanied his friends on a shopping trip whereby he helped them select and buy the wallpaper and soft furnishings that he thought would best suit their according rooms.

The shopping trips had over time gone exceedingly well, in fact perhaps a little too well it seemed as when it came down to the decorating, after everything was said and done, there looked to have been masses of fabric and even strips of wallpaper left over. New One had thought nothing of the oversight and proceeded to tidy up as he thought necessary. Out went the extras and it was only as he made a pile of everything that had been left unneeded that he heard R V’s mum question what he was doing. He explained that perhaps they had been a bit over zealous with the purchases but that it was no problem because he would help throw anything unwanted out. The astonished expression on the face of R V’s mum was clear to see. Not one bit of the pile New One had made, she assured him, would be headed in that particular destination and that was because she had something to show him.

New One had been intrigued to find out what or exactly where would be the new and exact destination for such a lot of stuff that they had no use for or needed. He walked down to the car with his friend’s mum and started to help her put the extra fabric and wallpaper inside, but they had not finished there because after this little escapade came the going back into the house routine whereby he was all kinds of astonished of his own when he saw the similar pile that was there awaiting them and had clearly been of R V’s mum’s making.

After they had loaded in paintings and even plants, New One was even more puzzled about what was going on than before, but R V’s mum assured him that soon everything would become apparent. R V joined them as they left the house and rode a little way into town. It was there that they stopped outside a large building and were met by several people who all helped to unload everything inside. New One had to admit that he was very happy about this, as having been accustomed to the effort and work that it had taken to get it all into the car, he had dreaded the thought of getting it out bit by bit again.

Inside the building R V’s mum led them to a room where objects were being sorted and handed out. There were such a lot of milling about but everybody looked intent and happy. Volunteers made up much of the busy activity, explained R V’s mum, and everything in the room was being sorted according to who needed what to go where. Watching further New One spotted someone whipping up what looked to be such an interesting work of art. When he walked up to it, the tall structure had been swathed in different textures and materials. He could not believe it, when the one responsible for the artistic structure, told him that it had all been made up of additional and unused donations. This same artistic piece of work would then go on to be sold and make more funds for the charity.

It seemed as if to New One that he would never throw away or discard anything ever again. There appeared to be a use for everything that they had taken in to that building and whatever left unused was made into something impressive and new. New One could not think of a better trend to set than what he had seen that day.