Level Two. Tough Tech.

Level Two. Tough Tech.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Pleading and refusals soon became the new norm at home, as none of the three friends’ households would contemplate buying a new game so quickly. RV, New One and Little Herbert had been totally distraught at the news and non of them felt able to show their faces around the tablet collective posse at school.

The three friends knew that questions would quickly arise from the Tough Tech collective and so at school far from veering into their attentive gaze, instead they kept themselves to themselves.

Lend the Trend had started everybody talking about the latest game that they had downloaded on to their tablets. At first it all sounded ok and pretty average, banter about tech related have and have nots seemed fine. All too quickly though it had gotten more difficult to keep up with the latest and most loved games. A basic game that everybody would start at the same level turned into a need for in app purchases so that they could build on their complexity in task, objective and accomplishments. That is where things got complicated in all of their lives because if you could not match or top someone else’s purchased or skilful acquirement then disillusionment and disparagement took over.

Little Herbert, RV and New One, had only recently been allowed to purchase new games for their tablets, and they had received a firm no from the rents for buying any more in the not too distant future.

The trio decided to ignore the cheers and smiles of delight at break time when new game purchases were reeled off, and instead they concentrated on their own talk of involvement and progress of previously purchased games.

As expected, the three friends did not grow in popularity but this phase in their experience of class behaviour did not last too long. Much to the trio’s surprise, it was at one break time that many of their tech loving class mates rushed over to talk with them.

It was unbeknown to RV, Little Herbert or New One that a certain famous TV hero of theirs had only that afternoon taken to his social media and emphasised his love for none other, that the game that was not on everybody else’s tablets, but on their own. Soon enough news got out about this development and every other game was abandoned for the one already proudly featured in the three friend’s lives. Not having abandoned their games for any of the newest trends put them in a highly coveted and experienced position, as they had the highest scores and were able to point their friends in the right direction.